Senior DevOps Engineer (Windows)


This position primarily focuses on products and services for OncoEMR, our web-based, oncology-specific electronic medical record (EMR) system used by over 1,300 oncology clinicians every day to diagnose, treat and manage patients battling cancer.

The DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer (Windows) will play a critical role in developing and optimizing our Oncology EMR systems and our oncology data platform. Objectives include monitoring, maintaining, and automating mission critical production software deployment, as well as improving the overall reliability of our online services.


  • Integrate our EMR platform (.NET/MSSQL/IIS based) with monitoring, alerting, and analytics services
  • Track quality metrics from page load time, through service uptime, to database performance.
  • Participate in software and system performance analysis, benchmarking and tuning, service capacity planning and demand forecasting
  • Implement industry standard system provisioning, fleet management, configuration management tools and processes
  • Interact with engineering teams, DBAs, customer support team, and infrastructure operation teams
  • Support production operations: new client integrations, custom networking configurations, and complex data transfers
  • Perform on-call rotation duty as part of a nation-wide team
  • Respond to and resolve emergent service problems with applications, hosts, and networks


  • BS in Information Systems, Computer Science or a related field
  • 3+ years of demonstrated experience of supporting critical production service environments
  • Knowledge of network analysis and application performance issues using standard tools like tcpdump
  • Hands on experience with setting up monitoring, deployment automation, and configuration management.
  • Ability to handle out-of-bound requests
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure

Bonus Points:

  • Experience with Public/Private cloud environments