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Hybrid at Flatiron

A culture that embraces the evolution of workplace norms by supporting the unique circumstances of its employees, investing in hybrid technologies, and fostering collaboration around the globe.


Why hybrid?


At Flatiron, attracting and inspiring a diverse team is essential to our success. People are at the core of our competitive advantage, and our people-centric culture guides how we work together to achieve our mission, vision, and strategic objectives. Our hybrid work approach is built on the foundation of flexibility and clarity because that's what optimizes productivity and well-being. We are excited to share our approach with you below!

How hybrid works



For employees who work out of our NY HQ or SLC office at least twice a week.

Flex is the way the majority of Flatiron employees work. It’s designed to empower employees to choose office days based on a mix of business and personal needs. As a Flex employee, you’ll enjoy perks such as in-person social connections, events, access to team/leadership and office tech & resources



For employees who work out of our NY HQ at least three times a week.

Office is designed for those who prefer working at our headquarters for the majority of their work week. In addition to the perks enjoyed by our Flex employees, you will have a designated desk, and the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of our HQ vibe. 



For employees who  primarily work from home.

Remote is designed for employees who primarily work from home. You may travel to our Flatiron offices for important events, but the frequency of travel will vary depending on your team and role. You will build virtual relationships, align hours with your primary collaborators, and have the opportunity for in-person meetups with other remote employees in concentrated areas.

We recognize that a short-term change of place can be valuable for office-based employees, so we also offer Flex and Office the opportunity to work remotely from a domestic or international location for up to four consecutive weeks per calendar year, with manager approval through our Work from Anywhere Program.

Our commitment to maximizing the benefits of a hybrid approach

  • We provide a rich and engaging hybrid experience for all employees to build strong connections across Flatiron, regardless of location.

  • Remote team members have the opportunity to connect with colleagues and cultivate a vibrant sense of community across U.S. locations where we have a high concentration of Flatiron employees

  • We encourage flexibility and autonomy so that employees can optimize their ability to contribute to team/project efforts.

  • We make our NYC HQ a vibrant physical space for employees to gather, collaborate and celebrate.


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