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Acceptable Use Policy

Updated August 22, 2014

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Flatiron Health operates the “Flatiron Platform,” a business and clinical intelligence platform for the oncology industry. This “Acceptable Use Policy” details the policies that “Authorized Users“ from a “Subscriber” of Flatiron Health must following while using the Flatiron Platform.

General Use Policies

  1. The user interface, data model and schema, knowledge base and training materials of the Flatiron Platform (“Flatiron Platform Materials”) are confidential.

  2. Authorized Users shall be responsible for:

    1. the security and/or use of his or her login credentials to the Flatiron Platform (“User ID and Password”).

    2. the security of their screen while using the Flatiron Platform, such as third party individuals who may be able to view or otherwise record content from Authorized User’s screen.

    3. the security of the physical computer and network through which the Authorized User accesses the Flatiron Platform.

    4. the security and further distribution of files or data that Authorized User downloads or exports from the Flatiron Platform.

  3. Authorized Users shall not:

    1. distribute copies or derivatives of the Flatiron Platform Materials to anyone not in the Subscriber organization.

    2. provide or share their User ID and Password with anyone outside of the Subscriber organization.

    3. allow any unauthorized Third Party to access the Flatiron Platform at any time without the permission of Flatiron Health.

    4. take screenshots of the user interface, download pages of the user interface to his or her local machine, or seek in any other way to distribute copies of the user interface to anyone outside of the Subscriber organization without the permission of Flatiron Health.

    5. scrape or crawl the Flatiron Platform using a Web Robot, Web Crawler, Spider or related technology.

    6. misappropriate any part of the Flatiron Platform or modify, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, copy, reproduce or create derivative works from or in respect of the Flatiron Platform.

    7. damage or tamper with any part of the Flatiron Platform.

    8. knowingly breach any Flatiron Health security measure. ix. access the Flatiron Platform from a public computer or network.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this Acceptable Use Policy or feel someone in your organization may have violated it, please contact us by email at or contact your account manager.


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