Flatiron Health is committed to improving lives by learning from the experience of every cancer patient.

In service of this mission, Flatiron works with over 280 oncology clinics, several academic centers, the Food & Drug Administration, the National Cancer Institute, and biopharma companies, to create datasets that enable our clinics to provide the best care possible and researchers to accelerate their understanding of the way cancer treatments work. You can see some examples of how we’re working to advance cancer research here.

For many oncology clinics across the country, Flatiron provides an electronic health record (EHR) software called OncoEMR®. If you are treated at one of these clinics, Flatiron accesses your data to help the clinics with your care and to use in a de-identified and aggregated form for research purposes. Flatiron also has partnerships with academic medical centers to provide quality monitoring and outcomes research.

The datasets that we create are considered “de-identified,” meaning that they do not contain personally-identifiable information such as your name or social security number. Our datasets are also “aggregated,” which means that we combine de-identified patient records to compare with others. If your doctor’s practice participates in the Flatiron network, the clinical data (such as stage of your cancer or length of treatment) that we do collect, de-identify and aggregate allows us to understand why certain patients benefit more than others when given a particular treatment. For example, with our datasets, we can now understand why some lung cancer patients respond better to one immunotherapy than another.

Please know that Flatiron will never use your information – even in de-identified form – for marketing purposes. Your de-identified information will be used for cancer research.

Your de-identified data, along with that of thousands of other patients, is contributing to cancer research and is helping to accelerate the development of new treatment options for future patients. However, we respect your right as a patient to opt-out of this research. If you wish to know whether you are treated at a clinic that uses Flatiron’s technology, please ask your provider for the name of the EHR that they use. If you are still unsure whether your information is included in our datasets, or if you would like to opt-out of our research, please complete the form below. From there, a member of the Flatiron team will contact you to confirm that your opt-out request has been processed.

By filling out the form below, you give Flatiron permission to contact you to confirm any additional information needed.