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Assessing missing antineoplastic therapy prior to electronic health record (EHR)-derived first line of therapy after advanced non-small cell lung (aNSCLC) diagnosis

April 21, 2023


The availability of treatment and therapy information is vital for understanding the patient journey and outcomes in oncology populations. However, potential gaps in electronic health record (EHR) data can hinder our understanding of patient exposure and subsequent outcomes. 

To better explore this issue, this study used an administrative health claims linked EHR dataset in an aNSCLC population to identify antineoplastic exposure in claims before the first recorded EHR documented exposure. 

Why this matters

Gaps in EHR data can limit the ability of clinicians and researchers to fully understand a patient’s treatment history. Using administrative health claims data can help quantify missing antineoplastic that occurs prior to the EHR-derived first line of therapy. Additionally, it can identify missing treatment information and provide a more holistic view of the patient journey. This information can then be used to build confidence in using real-world evidence when exploring treatment exposures for individuals with aNSCLC. 

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