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Clinical pathways innovation: A lesson on the value of clinician based feedback and collaboration with Flatiron Health

May 25, 2023


Clinical pathways have become popular for delivering value-based care and minimizing treatment variation among cancer patients. Despite evidence for cost reduction and improved patient outcomes, some oncology providers remain hesitant to adopt them due to concerns about workflow disruption. Flatiron Assist is a customizable EHR-embedded clinical decision support tool implemented by Penn Medicine. Following integration of Penn’s Pathways into the tool with ongoing provider education, clinician feedback was solicited to make targeted changes to the Flatiron Assist tool. The objective of this study was to describe improvements in the usability and utilization of Flatiron Assist.

Why this matters

Clinical pathways have been shown to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs, but their adoption has been limited due to concerns about added friction to the workflow. Examining the impact clinician-based feedback had on improving the usability of the Flatiron Assist tool may provide valuable insights into how we can overcome this adoption challenge, ultimately leading to improved care and outcomes for cancer patients. 

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