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Bridging the divide between clinical research and clinical care in oncology: An integrated real-world evidence generation platform

July 3, 2023


As a RWD source, electronic health records (EHRs) can now provide patient-level data at unparalleled depth and granularity. In this study, researchers propose a RWE generation framework that could maximize the synergy between RWD and prospective clinical trials by capitalizing on an emerging data curation infrastructure that may be applied to both retrospective and prospective research. In this platform, centralized data collection and monitoring could be enabled via routine EHR use, and seamlessly integrated with select intentional data capture and using prospective study periods. 

Why this matters

By bridging the divide between routine care and clinical research, this integrated platform aggregates retrospective and prospective data, collected both routinely and intentionally. This approach makes clinical trial participation more available to patients, increasing the potential depth of data, representativeness, and efficiency of clinical research.  

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