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Do the characteristics of the site of care influence outcomes? Associations between community practice-level characteristics and real-world overall survival among patients with multiple myeloma

April 21, 2023


A common concern in using real-world data (RWD) in research is the variability in patient care practices and how they can impact patient outcomes. To better understand this relationship, researchers conducted a study using nationwide community site data to investigate the association between practice-level characteristics and overall survival rates in patients with multiple myeloma (MM). This study also included a systematic analysis of the distribution of practice-level factors, such as patient-physician ratios, the number of visits, physicians, and patients with cancer including MM, as well as diversity, location, and clinical factors. 

Why this matters

This study explored how practice-level characteristics may affect the overall survival of patients with MM in real-world settings. The results of the study have the potential to inform strategies for improving care and outcomes for individuals with MM. However, it is vital for future studies to account for potential measuring confounders and interactions in different care and oncological settings. 

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