[On Demand] Improving clinical research from within: bridging the gap between research and care

March 23, 2023

Within the vast industry of healthcare, it’s no surprise there are silos, namely the divide between traditional healthcare delivery and clinical research. However, the evolving landscape of modern technology enables and inspires new ways of working and collaborating in an effort to break down those same silos. It is possible to design studies better, identify and recruit trial-eligible patients, and improve data excellence enabled by data collection at the point of care – all the while reducing burden on teams and improving operational efficiencies.

In this Flatiron Health and Fierce Biotech webinar, hear industry experts across the clinical research space share their perspectives on:

  • Inefficiencies in the current clinical research space

  • How to prioritize change, where to begin, and how to measure success

  • Considerations when evaluating and selecting enabling technology