Caris Life Sciences and Flatiron Health Partner to Vastly Increase Access to Most Comprehensive Molecular Testing Available

September 24, 2022

Partnership broadens precision medicine access at the point of care with seamless ordering and receipt of Caris molecular profiling results directly in patient records via the OncoEMR® platform

Irving, Texas

Caris Life Sciences ® (Caris), the leading molecular science and technology company actively developing and delivering innovative solutions to revolutionize healthcare, today announced a partnership with Flatiron Health, a healthtech company dedicated to helping cancer centers thrive and deliver better care for patients, to integrate Caris’ market leading molecular testing portfolio with OncoEMR ®, a leading cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) tool.

“The integration with OncoEMR is another milestone achievement along our goal of making personalized precision healthcare accessible to as many physicians and patients as possible,” said  David Spetzler, M.S., Ph.D., MBA, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Caris. “Delivering critical molecular results directly at the point of care in community oncology settings is paramount to every patient’s ability to fight, and hopefully beat cancer. Integrating within the OncoEMR platform, which reaches more than 40 percent of all U.S. community oncologists, significantly aids in delivering on our commitment.”

The Molecular Profiling Integration between OncoEMR and Caris enables data-driven clinical decision making for over 2,000 clinicians within the Flatiron network, made up of more than 800 unique cancer care locations across the country. Through the Molecular Profiling Integration, users can easily submit Caris orders with fewer clicks and less data entry, track real-time status updates, and receive the results directly within OncoEMR. This streamlines clinical workflows for physicians and offers access to Caris molecular reports in the same environment in which they develop care plans. In addition to presenting time-saving benefits within the clinician ordering process, the cloud-based integration is easily enabled–with no associated cost or development work–to any practice in the Flatiron network that wants it.

“Insight into tumor biology enables precision medicine, and this Molecular Profiling Integration with Caris allows oncologists and their teams to efficiently order molecular profiling tests, track order status and view results, all without leaving OncoEMR. Simplifying the workflow can promote appropriate and equitable testing, eliminate redundant tests, minimize practice disruption, and surface therapeutic opportunities with the goal of better patient outcomes,” said James Hamrick, Vice President Clinical Oncology at Flatiron Health. “We are thrilled for this partnership with Caris to further enhance delivering a better care experience for physicians and their patients, as we reimagine the infrastructure of cancer care.”

Caris’ entire suite of molecular profile services, including comprehensive whole exome and whole transcriptome sequencing, is now available for ordering within the OncoEMR network. Caris is the first and only partner with whole exome and whole transcriptome sequencing capabilities to integrate with Flatiron’s OncoEMR and plans to continue collaborating with EMR/EHR systems across both academic and community oncology spaces on new ways to integrate genomic results into patient care and education.

About Caris Life Sciences

Caris Life Sciences ® (Caris) is the leading molecular science and technology company actively developing and delivering innovative solutions to revolutionize healthcare and improve patient outcomes. Through comprehensive molecular profiling (Whole Exome and Whole Transcriptome Sequencing) and the application of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, Caris has created the large-scale clinico-genomic database and cognitive computing needed to analyze and unravel the molecular complexity of disease. This information provides an unmatched resource and the ideal path forward to conduct the basic, fundamental research to accelerate discovery for detection, diagnosis, monitoring, therapy selection and drug development to improve the human condition. With a primary focus on cancer, Caris’ suite of market-leading molecular profiling offerings assesses DNA, RNA and proteins to reveal a molecular blueprint that helps patients, physicians and researchers better detect, diagnose and treat patients. Caris’ latest advancement is a blood-based, circulating nucleic acids sequencing (cNAS) assay that combines comprehensive molecular analysis (Whole Exome and Whole Transcriptome Sequencing from blood) and serial monitoring – making it the most powerful liquid biopsy assay ever developed. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Caris has offices in Phoenix, New York, Denver, Tokyo, Japan and Basel, Switzerland. Caris provides services throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and other international markets. To learn more, please visit or follow us on Twitter ( @CarisLS).


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About Flatiron

Flatiron Health is a healthtech company expanding the possibilities for point of care solutions in oncology and using data for good to power smarter care for every person with cancer. Through machine learning and AI, real-world evidence, and breakthroughs in clinical trials, we continue to transform patients’ real-life experiences into knowledge and create a more modern, connected oncology ecosystem. Flatiron Health is an independent affiliate of the Roche Group. @FlatironHealth