Racialized economic segregation and inequities in survival among patients with multiple myeloma

April 21, 2023


Structural racism, which encompasses racial and economic segregation, has been linked to persistent disparities in treatment and survival rates for individuals with multiple myeloma (MM). 

To better understand this issue, researchers conducted a study focused on the association between an area-level measure of racialized economic segregation (Index of Concentration at the Extremes (ICE)) and overall survival rates for patients with MM. 

Why this matters

The disproportionate burden of multiple myeloma on Black adults, who are twice as likely as their White counterparts to develop the disease, highlights the urgent need to address persistent cancer inequities. By analyzing the relationship between ICE and multiple myeloma survival rates, researchers can identify strategies to address this disparity, improve health equity for all individuals impacted by multiple myeloma, and address the factors contributing to structural racism. 

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