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Reimagining the infrastructure of cancer care

Solving problems for teams across the oncology ecosystem

How we partner

Transforming cancer care takes all of us. Our vision is to build a world where technology and science close the gap between care and research.

Academic Medical Centers

Enable quality care by providing evidence-based treatment options to clinicians and run more efficient clinical research by surfacing trial-eligible patients directly in the EHR. Once enrolled, digitally transfer relevant trial data from the EHR to downstream systems.

HEOR & RWE Teams

Design and execute real-world studies including comparative effectiveness, modeling long-term survival, and analyzing treatment patterns to provide insights into a treatment's long-term effectiveness as well as support market access and reimbursement decisions.

Research & Early Development Teams

Quicken drug discovery and development by linking genomics data with clinical outcomes to help assess unmet need, generate hypotheses about biomarker resistance alterations and co-alterations, and inform decision-making.

Clinical Operations Teams

Accelerate clinical research timelines, increase trial participant representativeness, and execute trials more efficiently to get your treatment to market sooner.

Regulatory Affairs Teams

Leverage Flatiron's extensive experience with regulatory-grade real-world data to develop regulatory strategies, prepare evidence packages for approval and post-market requirements, and lead regulatory engagement.

Community Oncology Practices

Deliver quality patient care with a cancer-specific EHR and surface evidence-based treatment options. For practices that support research, save time and gain accuracy through data-backed identification of eligible trial patients in the EHR and digitally transfer relevant study data seamlessly between the EHR and EDC.

Market Access Teams

Demonstrate a cancer drug's value to payers and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies to accelerate access to life-extending cancer treatments worldwide and ensure reimbursement and optimal pricing.

Pharmacovigilance & Epidemiology Teams

Monitor and assess the safety of cancer drugs, leveraging retrospective and prospective real-world studies to identify adverse events, detect safety signals, and provide insights into the long-term safety profile of cancer drugs beyond clinical trials.

Contract Research Organizations

Optimize clinical trials with our novel, interoperable technology. Flatiron's products provide CROs with a streamlined, technology-driven approach to accelerate trial timelines, make data-backed decisions, and create efficiencies, giving you more confidence in trial success.

how we partner

Clinical Development Teams

Utilize deep real-world data to assess the impact of inclusion/exclusion criteria and enable adjustments based on diversity goals and enrollment timelines through tailored protocol analyses that include insights on patient characteristics and expected outcomes.

Portfolio Strategy and Commercial Teams

Generate fast insights to identify portfolio gaps and opportunities, refine your commercial strategy and provide real-time line of sight into the launch performance and uptake with tailored RWE solutions.

Medical Affairs Teams

Leverage Flatiron's RWE solutions to generate insights for the scientific community, regulatory agencies, healthcare professionals, and the broader market to ensure that new drugs are developed, communicated, and utilized effectively and ethically.

New and noteworthy

featured news and insights

Explore the latest insights, research, and stories from Flatiron’s global team.

  • Scaling real-world data curation through machine learning and large language models

    Learn about Flatiron’s latest discoveries and key learnings in applying machine learning (ML) and large language models (LLM) to unlock insights on large patient populations. Technology is fundamental to Flatiron’s mission of learning from the experience of every person with cancer. In particular, machine learning is critical to understanding the experience of people with cancer at scale. As cancer care becomes increasingly targeted, expanding the number of patients that we can learn from allows us to deliver rigorous insights about ever narrower populations with specific characteristics and experiences. These populations — whether defined by rare biomarkers, distinctive histologies, or atypical patterns of treatment — are increasingly the locus of breakthroughs in cancer care. While clinical expertise forms the core of our real world data curation efforts, technology allows that expertise to scale.

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  • Reinventing prospective study data acquisition and delivery

    In a recent webinar from Applied Clinical Trials, clinical research leaders from Sanofi and Flatiron Health came together to share a case study of how one large academic medical center successfully saved time and effort on trial data management using Flatiron Clinical Pipe™. Watch the full recording below.

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  • Driving health equity in cancer care

    The responsibility for driving oncology equity

    The past few years have seen a remarkable rise in attention for health equity and health related social needs - and oncology has been at the forefront of this increased advocacy for more accessible, high-quality care.In many ways, this rising focus on health equity is shining a light on what’s been common practice in this community for years. Community oncologists serve patients with some of the most extensive socioeconomic needs, going above and beyond to provide patient-centered care. What is new, however, is the clear call to action - the sense of urgency - that is now palpable wherever healthcare leaders gather.At the 2023 Community Oncology Alliance (COA) Conference, health equity permeated the program as more than 1,800 oncology professionals in attendance demonstrated their strong support for eliminating inequities in cancer care.

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