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Bridging the gap between care and research

We’re transforming clinical research through technology that seamlessly integrates into everyday patient care.

Challenging the status quo of clinical research

Clinical trials are overly complex. We’re leveraging our legacy in point-of-care technology and real-world data to reimagine how clinical trials are executed.

Partnering with Flatiron means access to a network of technology-enabled sites that are ready to engage. Our product portfolio supports teams from trial design to post-marketing studies, reducing burden through technology-supported trials, driving operational efficiencies, and accelerating research timelines.

Powering advanced clinical research


Flatiron’s clinical research product portfolio helps sponsors move beyond outdated approaches, accelerate clinical research timelines, increase trial participant representativeness, and execute trials more efficiently. 

Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

Flatiron products enable a new, faster way of executing and operating clinical trials for innovative CROs that seek to leverage novel technology.

Clinical Trial Sites

By reducing unnecessary tasks and increasing speed and accuracy, Flatiron’s portfolio supports clinical trial sites in balancing patient needs, day-to-day operations, and communicating with sponsors. 

Discover the history of how our product portfolio has evolved over the years.

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