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Realizing the full potential of real-world evidence in oncology

Flatiron’s integrated real-world evidence solutions transform the possibilities of oncology research, development, and commercialization. Whether you're tackling bold research questions or time-critical decision points along the way, our solutions deliver the data, tools, and support you need to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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Solutions across the oncology product lifecycle

Flatiron’s tailored real-world evidence solutions can shorten timelines, minimize risks associated with drug development, and support access to the therapies that patients need. That’s why the world’s top life sciences companies rely on our solutions across the drug lifecycle, from research and development to in-market strategies.

Pioneering real-world data paired with the top real-world evidence experts

Flatiron employs a world-class oncology team, including clinical and research oncologists, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, and health outcomes researchers. With their dedication to high-quality real-world evidence, our real-world data is recognized as the best option for creating insights and evidence that power the future of cancer care.

From the point of care to insights and evidence

At Flatiron, we are integrated at the source. With our technology and electronic health record systems used in thousands of community oncology and academic centers nationwide, we provide access to the point of care data with traceability to source documents.

But our commitment to data quality doesn't stop there. Our team of clinicians and data experts employ innovative and rigorous curation methods, including machine learning and data abstraction, to ensure the highest quality standards at the scale you require.

By the numbers

3.5 million+

Patient records de-identified and available for research


Peer-reviewed publications using Flatiron’s real-world data, including over 60 in top-tier journals


Unique sites of care. Patients represented: ~75% community clinics and ~25% academic medical centers


Real-world oncology experts including biostatisticians, epidemiologists, health outcomes researchers, and oncologists many of whom still practice in clinic


High-quality oncology disease-specific Enhanced Datamarts


Years exclusively focused on oncology, founded in 2012—Flatiron has redefined real-world evidence in oncology

The building blocks of our real-world evidence solutions

Real-world data

Flatiron uses innovative approaches like data abstraction and machine learning methods to optimize data curation. By linking data at the patient-level from different sources, we’re able to integrate RWD from electronic health records (EHR) with genomics data, mortality data, and more to enhance data depth and completeness.

Enhanced Datamart

Data subscriptions that cover 22 tumor types and deliver a wide pool of clinical data sourced from the EHR, reflecting the patient journey from diagnosis onward.

Custom Data Solutions

Fit-for-purpose data curated to answer client-specific research questions through tailored cohorts and variables.

Clinico-Genomic Database

Integrated EHR-derived clinical data with comprehensive genomic profiling data for patients who are tested with a Foundation Medicine assay.

Imaging-Linked EHR Data

Datasets that link real-world radiology images with Flatiron’s EHR-derived clinical and outcomes data, enhancing evidence-generation.

Claims-Linked EHR Data

Real-world EHR linked claims data that is de-identified and ready for use, unlocking the full patient journey.

Services for evidence and insights generation

Significant innovations in oncology RWD continue to advance the discipline of real-world evidence generation, and that’s why a deep and comprehensive understanding of data collection is essential.

Flatiron’s team of oncologists, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, and health outcomes researchers are each intimately familiar with oncology RWD. This enables Flatiron to offer end-to-end RWE solutions from study design to analysis, interpretation, and application of study results, providing the evidence and insights you need.

Clinical trial diversity planning

Our solution leverages data derived from diverse patient populations, at the point of care, offering actionable, accurate insight. No matter what stage you are in, Flatiron can help you design, or refine a trial diversity plan that addresses FDA guidelines.

Specialized tools and resources

Flatiron Render™

Explore a variety of research questions with Flatiron’s interactive data visualization tool and analytics platform. Save and share cohorts for rapid collaboration across teams.

Flatiron Knowledge Center

Flatiron’s expansive knowledge repository includes tailored content based on your project and data product licenses including FAQs, analytic tutorials, training content, technical webinars, quality assurance documentation, release notes, data dictionaries, methodological guidance, and more.

Use cases

Learn how our customers are using Flatiron real-world evidence in oncology


Flatiron’s oncology real-world evidence solutions accelerate drug discovery by bridging the gap between genomics and clinical outcomes. Evaluating outcomes in specific populations improves the likelihood that you’ll discover the right drug targets in the right patient populations. Flatiron’s robust and trusted biomarker and treatment outcomes data are available for specific cancer types, including rare diseases, or across multiple tumors.

Flatiron has advanced the science of real-world evidence with key partners


Flatiron's published research studies

Our real-world evidence powers research published in more than 500 publications in the world’s leading peer-reviewed scientific journals. Our publication record reflects our deep industry partnerships and commitment to advancing scientific methods.

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