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Evidence Solutions

A flexible approach to prospective and retrospective real-world evidence generation

Whether you're tackling bold research questions or time-critical decision points along the way, Flatiron’s Evidence Solutions are flexible to deliver the data and clinical, analytical and regulatory support you need to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Industry-leading oncology evidence generation solutions

Flatiron Horizon is the driving force behind our real-world evidence solutions, seamlessly integrating the richest labeled oncology data in the world, Flatiron’s proprietary curation methods and disease-specific ML models, technology, oncology experience, and expertise. It enables swift and efficient curation of data and insights, empowering us to understand the narrative within the data—from patient to evidence.


de-identified patient records


data points available for research


clinical trials supported by Flatiron clinical research products and services


global cancer site networks


clinical research sites in our community


years of direct collaboration with FDA, NICE and, other HTA bodies

Tailored oncology evidence solutions for every phase of the biopharma lifecycle

From pre-market to commercial, Flatiron partners with leading life science companies to deliver fit-for-purpose real-world evidence solutions that support oncology portfolios across the development lifecycle.

Our areas of expertise include:

Disclaimer: Non-exhaustive

Industry-leading oncology evidence solutions

Our flexible real-world data configurations are tailored to address the specific needs of your oncology portfolio and now encompass more than 4 million patient journeys, 4 of the largest oncology markets in the world, 22+ tumor types, and multimodal data.

We know real-world data. We deliver oncology real-world evidence. Flatiron’s in-house expertise and flexible engagement models can help you generate the insights and evidence you need to advance your oncology portfolio, from refining target product profiles, to conducting comparative effectiveness studies and supporting regulatory and HTA submissions.

We help sponsors generate prospective evidence through the pragmatic design and execution of, low-interventional, or observational studies enabled by our proprietary technology and centralized services.

An adaptive set of data and tech-enabled services designed to optimize clinical trial protocols, appropriately match the right trials to the right sites, and identify trial-eligible patients at the point of care.

Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ connects leading EHRs to EDCs, enabling seamless, accurate data transfer, while accelerating study timelines, lowering data monitoring costs, and reducing burden on site teams.

What can Flatiron Horizon do for you?

Learn more about our flexible, tailored solutions and how we can support your oncology evidence generation needs.