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Who we are

We’re on a mission to improve and extend lives by learning from the experience of every person with cancer.


What we do

At FLATIRON HEALTH®, we believe learning from the experience of every person with cancer is an imperative—it is the key to accelerating research and continuing to improve the quality of care.

Our vision is to build a world where technology and science close the gap between care and research.


Our story

FLATIRON HEALTH® is a healthtech company dedicated to improving cancer treatment and advancing research. As the pioneer in real-world evidence for oncology, we provide technology and services to support patient care and make every person’s story count. We partner with hundreds of cancer centers, 20+ top global developers of oncology therapeutics, and researchers and regulators around the world.

Founded in 2012, Flatiron became an independent affiliate of the Roche Group in 2018. Under the new leadership of CEO Carolyn Starrett in 2021, we’ve expanded our commitment to advance research and treatment for patients around the globe. Flatiron International subsidiaries in Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom will partner with hospitals and health networks in collaborations tailored to each market’s needs and legal, regulatory and compliance requirements.

Our team

We’re a diverse group of passionate, curious individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, working together to solve problems that matter.

  • Headshot of Nick Accomando

    Nick Accomando

    Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

  • Headshot of Rory Brecker

    Rory Brecker

    General Counsel

  • Headshot of Alex Deyle

    Alex Deyle

    General Manager, Clinical Research

  • Headshot of Bruce Gottlieb

    Bruce Gottlieb

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Headshot of Nathan Hubbard

    Nathan Hubbard

    Chief Business Officer

  • Headshot of Jaime Lopez

    Jaime Lopez

    Chief Design & Marketing Officer

  • Headshot of Julia Morton

    Julia Morton

    Senior Vice President & General Manager, Flatiron HC

  • Headshot of Stephanie Reisinger

    Stephanie Reisinger

    Senior Vice President & General Manager, Real-World Evidence

  • Headshot of Carolyn Starrett

    Carolyn Starrett

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Headshot of Ara Tucker

    Ara Tucker

    Chief People Officer

We embody our values


Solve problems that matter

Identify and solve problems that drive our mission forward. Prioritize rigorously by focusing on work that moves the needle for our customers and patients.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

We strive to create an environment where varied perspectives work together to transform cancer care. We believe in elevating voices, celebrating differences, and cultivating belonging.


Be the next changemaker in cancer care

Reimagine the infrastructure of cancer care within a technology and science community that values integrity, inspires growth, and is uniquely positioned to create a more modern, connected oncology ecosystem.

Our commitment to data confidentiality

Flatiron has established and maintains robust standards for the communication and protection of confidential information.

Transforming global oncology research and care

We’re accelerating cancer research and improving the quality of care globally, using real-world evidence to improve patient outcomes, inform policy, and advance research

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