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Flatiron Clinical Pipe


of total trial data transferred


consistency between EHR and EDC

[The data entry time for a patient visit] went from 45 minutes to 5...which is pretty substantial.

Eric T. Smith, MST, MBA
Former Senior Director, Clinical Research Services Office
Oregon Health & Science University

The value of Flatiron Clinical Pipe

  • Seamlessly transfer study data

    Our proprietary mapping algorithm uniquely matches structured fields from the EHR with their counterpart in the EDC, allowing data to flow from one system to the other, seamlessly — including labs, medications, vital signs, conditions and procedures.

    Coming soon: Additional data points captured at the point-of-care via Flatiron’s interoperable intentional data capture workflows (including Adverse Events, RECIST and more).

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  • Automate data mapping & computer system verification (CSV)

    Our technology maps data fields from the EHR to the EDC in as little as 48 hours, without any input required by sites. We also provide fully automated testing and CSV, along with full validation documentation and sponsor-specific validation — taking the burden of CSV off of your team. These automated data mapping and verification processes mean Flatiron Clinical Pipe is highly scalable for all your study needs.

  • Adhere to the highest compliance standards

    Flatiron Clinical Pipe provides a rich set of security, process and administrative controls to meet requirements for SOC2 and HITRUST CSF and align with HIPAA, GDPR and 21 CFR 11 regulations.

  • Avoid data entry delays & errors

    Direct data transfer from the EHR source to EDC eliminates the risk of transcription errors, meaning fewer queries for sites and overall more accurate data capture. Data can also be transferred on demand instead of waiting weeks or even months for sites to enter it into the EDC.

  • Reduce operational costs

    Lower monitoring costs by eliminating the need for Source Data Verification (SDV) on transferred data as well as the need to obtain and maintain “reference ranges” from sites.

  • Spend time where it matters

    Clinical Pipe eliminates double data entry, allowing health care providers and research staff to spend more time focusing on their patients and less time in front of the computer.

Many Academic Medical Centers are certified on Flatiron Clinical Pipe

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