Flatiron Clinical Pipe™

An EHR-to-EDC application that both captures and transfers structured and unstructured data in just a few clicks.



Unlock higher data quality with more efficient data management

One of the industry's first EHR-to-EDC connectors, Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ helps create a new trial experience.

Capture and transfer study data quickly and with accuracy, reduce queries, accelerate data cleaning timelines, and hit study milestones faster.




Our product has been in use for over 5 years, giving you confidence in our proven technology


Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ has been used by 35+ sponsors, including the majority of the top 10 pharma companies worldwide

85 sites and counting

Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ is connected with 85 sites and our site network continues to grow, already achieving 4X growth since 2022

15+ unique indications

Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ has been used in more than five therapy areas and 15 indications, meaning it’s flexible to fit your unique study needs


Pioneering access to both structured and unstructured data


Structured data

Routinely captured data

Existing discrete data fields in the EHR, including labs, vitals, and medications.

Trial-specific structured data

Discrete data fields implemented at the point of care for data entry during a patient visit. Examples include adverse events (AEs), medical history, surgical history and more.


Unstructured data

Data lacking the structural organization required for off-the-shelf analysis, which is instead processed by Flatiron’s industry-leading abstraction team, who have abstracted over 800M data points to date. Includes anything not captured in the first two data types, such as physical exam attributes, smoking status, etc., as needed for the clinical trial.


Streamlining the path to data collection

Rapidly transfer data from EHR to EDC

Transfer data between systems on demand and in just a few clicks. Avoid time-consuming, error-prone, and duplicative data entry tasks, ensure the study stays on track, and start evaluating data sooner.

Achieve your eSource goals

Data transferred with Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ completely mirrors the EMR/EHR, eliminating the need for source data verification (SDV), allowing for transformative efficiency and productivity for monitors, site coordinators, and other members of the study team.

Works with the systems you already use

Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ has pre-built integrations with OncoEMR®, Epic®, Cerner®, Medidata Rave®, and Flatiron Vessel™, with other integrations to popular EMRs, EHRs, and EDCs actively in progress, enabling quick and easy setup.

Maintain strict security and compliance

Flatiron provides strict security, process, and administrative controls to meet SOC-2 and HITRUST CSF requirements, and aligns with HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR 11 regulations.

Experience smooth onboarding and ongoing training

Flatiron ensures high-touch, expert support services for site and sponsor success, including 1:1 training, group training, onsite and virtual support, and dedicated email support.

“Flatiron Clinical Pipe makes a huge difference in getting into the EDC system, period. Regardless of the EDC system we are using.”


Dannelle M. Palmer, MBA, PMP

COO, OncoBay Clinical


How Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ supports trial teams

For sponsors and CROs For clinical trial sites
Get to submission faster while helping your sites operate at the top of their license.

Ensure clear data provenance via FHIR logs and an audit trail for all transferred data, assuring confidence in the integrity of the data.

Easily access key metrics sooner to evaluate progress against study milestones.
Save critical time and reduce the need for source data verification on transferred structured data.
Capture data entry dates and times, so that pushed data is a certified source copy.
Feel confident that your study data is clean, compliant, and protected.
Onboard quickly and easily without needing to learn complicated workflows.
Build greater trust and partnership with trial sponsors through improved data quality and timeliness.
Receive fewer data monitoring queries from sponsors.
Reduce the need to obtain and maintain reference ranges.
Transfer data directly from the EHR and avoid manual transcription.
Feel secure in knowing data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

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