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Flatiron Clinical Pipe™

An EHR-to-EDC connector that transfers trial data with accuracy and in just a few clicks.

A faster, more efficient path to clean study data

One of the industry's first EHR-to-EDC connectors, Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ helps create a new trial experience.

Transfer relevant study data quickly and with accuracy, reduce queries, accelerate data cleaning timelines, and hit study milestones faster.

Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ makes a huge difference in getting into the EDC system, period. Regardless of the EDC system we are using.

Dannelle M. Palmer MBA, PMP, COO, OncoBay Clinical

See how Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ helps you hit study milestones sooner

Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ in action

Clinical Pipe - Selection observations
Clinical Pipe - Assessment Selection
Clinical Pipe - Data successfully transmitted
Clinical Pipe - Linking subject
Clinical Pipe - Observation view
Clinical Pipe - Selecting subject
Clinical Pipe - Data Review before Submission

A smoother trial experience

Rapid data transfer from EHR/EMR to EDC

Transfer data between systems on demand and in just a few clicks. Avoid time-consuming, error-prone, and duplicative data entry tasks, ensure the study stays on track, and start evaluating data sooner.


Complete data accuracy
Data transferred with Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ completely mirrors the EMR/EHR, eliminating the need for source data verification (SDV) and reducing the need to obtain and maintain reference ranges.
Works with the systems you already use
Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ has pre-built integrations with Epic, Cerner, Medidata Rave, and other popular EMRs, EHRs, and EDCs, enabling quick and easy setup.
Strict security and compliance
Flatiron provides strict security, process, and administrative controls to meet SOC-2 and HITRUST CSF requirements, and aligns with HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR 11 regulations.
Proprietary data matching algorithm
Through sophisticated matching, Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ automatically matches structured fields from the EMR/EHR with their counterparts in the EDC, including labs, medications, and vital signs. Clinical Pipe can also leverage machine learning models to pull variables from unstructured data.
Coming soon
Additional data points captured at the point of care via Flatiron’s interoperable intentional data capture workflows (including adverse events, RECIST, and more).

By the numbers

Our product has been in use for over 7 years, giving you confidence in our proven technology
34 sites and counting
Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ is connected with 34 sites and our site network continues to grow
0 worry
Data transferred with Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ completely mirrors the EHR, ensuring quality of your data

How Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ supports trial teams

For sponsors and CROs For clinical trial sites
Get to submission faster while helping your site operate at the top of their license.

Ensure clear data provenance via FHIR logs and an audit trail for all transferred data, assuring confidence in the integrity of the data.

Easily access key metrics sooner to evaluate progress against study milestones.
Save critical time and reduce the need for source data verification on transferred data.
Achieve insight into most reference ranges and data entry date and time, so that pushed data is certified source copy.
Feel confident that your study data is clean, compliant, and protected.
Onboard quickly and easily without needing to learn complicated workflows.
Avoid redundant, frustrating data entry.
Receive fewer data monitoring queries from sponsors.
Verified Data
Reduce the need for source data verification on transferred data as well as the need to obtain and maintain reference ranges.
Transfer data directly from the EHR and avoid manual transcription.
Feel secure in knowing data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

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Our clinical research product portfolio reduces burden through technology-supported trials and operational efficiencies, lowers costs and accelerates drug delivery to a diverse patient population, and supports teams from trial design up to FDA submission. 
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