Solve problems that matter

Identify and solve problems that drive our mission forward. Prioritize rigorously by focusing on work that moves the needle for our customers and patients.
Sean Ko
Sean, a Flatiron Health engineer, is always solutions-oriented. Whether it’s identifying issues, proactively mapping out scenarios, building processes, or sharing learnings, his creative problem-solving style has continuously furthered his team’s success. 

Through an incredible amount of focus, Sean recently unlocked a major initiative. Then, he was able to walk the entire team through his process and show them how he solved this particular problem that mattered

Be kind

Take responsibility for your impact on the people around you. Recognize that being right without being kind isn’t enough.
Nicole Santamorena
Clinical Abstraction
Recently, Nicole supported a peer on a time-sensitive and important project. She not only offered assistance with the technical details, but without a moment’s hesitation shared her own work for use as a template. 

With Nicole’s assistance, her peer was not only able to successfully complete her own project in time, but was able to pay it forward and lend a hand with someone else’s. Nicole’s prioritization and active role in her peer’s success demonstrate the impact she has on the people around her.

Start with why

Always provide context and share the goal before diving into the details. Make sure others understand the problem you’re trying to solve.
Neeraj Krishnan
Neeraj has a reputation for being a responsive and helpful technical expert. He jumps in to help teammates troubleshoot, investigate issues and answer challenging questions. Neeraj consistently works to ensure we’re being thoughtful in our approach to problem-solving—that we determine and address the root causes of issues that arise, and that we’re focused on solving the right challenges.

Think yes before no

Be open to new ideas and challenge the status quo. First explore how something can work, not why it won’t.
Rory Brecker
Legal, Privacy & Compliance
A colleague recently approached Rory with a question about whether following a certain path would be permissible from a legal perspective. Rather than responding with a quick “no”, Rory thought through the problem, consulted with co-workers, and landed on an approach that will not only allow our team to move faster, but is also more cost-effective!

Focus on your customer

When our customers succeed, we all succeed. Represent the customer’s voice in all you do. Bring in their perspective and advocate for their long-term success.
Lanie Brown
Customer Support
On a daily basis, Lanie works with our customers to ensure that they are able to effectively use Flatiron’s technology to offer the best care for their patients. Lanie’s comprehensive knowledge of our products contributes to her ability to quickly respond to some of our customer’s most complex questions. Her colleagues are amazed by the patience and dedication that she exhibits day in and day out with all of Flatiron’s customers.

Seek feedback at 30%

Ask for feedback uncomfortably early and proactively offer it to others. Share unpolished work so you can iterate quickly on new information.
Xinye Li
Quantitative Science
Recently, Xinye did a phenomenal job putting together a templated list of pressure test checks that ensure the success of various Custom Data Solutions projects. She sought feedback at various stages from cross-functional stakeholders on Imagine and Spotlight, thoroughly documenting a version change log with each update. 

By seeking feedback early and often, Xinye developed a model for creating comprehensive pressure tests for multiple other Custom Data Solutions projects, which will be put to great use moving forward.

Be willing to sit on the floor

Get your hands dirty and contribute in whatever way you can. Define yourself by the work you do, not by your title, position, or seniority.
Olga Tymejczyk
Research Operations
When Olga joined the team, she immediately took ownership and brought valuable insights into real-world data and study design content areas. Olga has shown value as a subject matter expert and dedication to helping teammates and external collaborators. 

Recently, Olga co-led the development of a training program for our customer’s biostatisticians and data science teams. Olga exemplifies the qualities of a team player—someone genuinely willing to sit on the floor to achieve shared objectives.

Know when to startup and when to scale

Recognize when it’s best to execute quickly or when you should take more time to ensure scalability and sustainability. Identify the best approach to solve the problem at hand.
Angel Leung
Product Design
Angel recently recognized that building a feature in one of our systems would enable a more seamless and scalable process between a number of internal teams. She led a working group through the design, build and launch of the new feature. Her process and input serve as a model for other teams to evaluate when it is best to build scalable features in the future.

Learn, teach, and grow

Be relentlessly curious. Learn from those around you and maintain a mindset of continuous improvement. Help others by sharing your expertise, answering questions, and training your own replacement.
Jonathan Kern
Senior Product Manager
Jonathan recently took initiative and taught cross-functional team members key business details related to their customers that were needed to make their product initiative successful.
Jonathan has a growth mindset and has been a key contributor towards furthering Flatiron’s understanding of radionics and imaging AI, supporting discussions with our customers, leading literature review discussions, and asking thoughtful questions.

Do the right thing

Make Flatiron a company you’re proud to be a part of. Create an inclusive environment for your colleagues. Respect the magnitude of our mission by being responsible and ethical.
Diana Mohabir
People Operations
Diana goes above and beyond, consistently exemplifying how to do the right thing. The onboarding experience at Flatiron Health includes multiple components, and Diana works in her role to contribute to a positive, inclusive, and seamless onboarding experience for new employees. 

She leads her projects with an extra layer of dedication and is diligent, attentive, and committed. Every employee’s experience matters and Diana guarantees this by showing her willingness to do the right thing, no matter the circumstance.
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