Custom Data Solutions

Flatiron offers tailored real-world data and solutions to meet your specific evidence needs.

Generating real-world evidence

Flatiron can help you answer specific research questions through unique datasets, variables, or precise patient cohorts. Curated by experts, fit-for-purpose data can either be delivered one time or on a custom basis.

Additionally, expert analytical, regulatory, and clinical data support is available. Flatiron has the necessary experience to thoughtfully advance regulatory submission of real-world evidence with our partners, applying key learnings and regulator feedback. 


Flatiron offers novel variables that drive groundbreaking research

Outcome variables
Real-world response, real-world progression, mortality, and adverse events.
Disease and patient characteristics
Comorbidities, brain metastases, and additional malignancies.
Drug treatment variables

Dosing details and reasons for discontinuation of oral therapies.

Procedures and tests

Treatment for brain/CNS metastases and radiation/surgery data.

By the numbers

5+ years
experience delivering custom real-world datasets
novel derived variables created
customized projects for life sciences customers

These Flatiron analyses, along with other real-world analyses that we had conducted, strengthened our U.S. regulatory filing, which ultimately led to [the therapy] being approved in June 2020.

Pranav Abraham, Ph.D. Director, Global Health Economics, Rare Hematology

Bristol Myers Squibb

Source: ResearchX

Stages of custom solutions projects


Planning and scoping

At Flatiron, we work with our biopharma partners to align on scope, cohort, novel variables and project timelines. We can help evaluate study design and data fitness for use. 



We oversee data abstraction  while ensuring patient-level and cohort-level quality assurance processes. We also help to build novel data models and test their feasibility.



Deliverables include a data dictionary, analytic guides and the data file, with options for analytic and regulatory services and deliverables.



We provide training and analytic guidance and can provide support to you with analytic and publication services. 

How do researchers use Flatiron real-world data?

Customize data with integrated real-world evidence products

Flatiron’s customizable real-world data products integrate EHR-derived data with other data modalities.
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