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Imaging-Linked EHR Data

Access custom datasets that include radiology images (DICOM) linked to Flatiron’s broad set of real-world data products, including curated electronic health record data (EHR) and patient outcomes.


Accelerate oncology research with key insights from real-world radiology imaging

Medical images provide a window into a patient’s treatment journey. They’re essential to evaluating the effectiveness of therapies and assessing outcomes both in the real world and in oncology research.

Real-world radiologic images from computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are critical for:

  • Diagnosing cancer and staging in clinical practice

  • Informing treatment events by monitoring disease progression

  • Measuring clinical endpoints like disease progression and response

Through integrations with imaging picture archiving and communication system (PACS) databases, Flatiron has access to near real-time radiology images from a diverse population of 450,000+ patients at clinical practices.

By combining medical imaging with Flatiron's EHR data, researchers and AI developers have access to a new modality of information. This enables advanced applications of real-world data to accelerate research into life-extending therapies.



DICOM imaging-enabled data models unlock expanded outcomes analyses

Core offerings

Linked patient-level data

Access EHR-derived, de-identified patient-level data on clinical activity and disease characteristics including tumor histology, cancer stage, ECOG performance status, smoking status, medication history, lab data, and procedures.

DICOM images

De-identified patient-level digital medical images stored in the DICOM standard format that can be annotated before delivery.


Real-world imaging response based on RECIST or Lugano

Access real-world imaging response data based on RECIST (rwIR-RECIST) or Lugano criteria for each patient in a given cohort. Reads and annotations are performed by radiologists contracted through a third party.

Advanced imaging analysis

Analyses could include novel imaging-derived biomarkers or endpoints, or machine learning models that are based on imaging and clinical data.

Abstracted outcomes

Enable comparative analyses of overall survival (OS), real-world progression (rwP), and real-world response (rwR).

Genomic data

Access genomic data, including details on reported alterations, analytic metrics, harmonized variant annotations, and therapy options.

By the numbers


Unique sites of care


Scanner models from manufacturers

2.1 million

Imaging studies, including CT, PET, and MRI scans


Featured Resource

RUBIES Study: Using imaging to validate an EHR-derived endpoint, rw-Response

One of the first studies to systematically collect routine care solid tumor imaging from real-world data sources to implement and show the feasibility of a RECIST adaptation using independent centralized imaging review.


Advance research with real-world imaging

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Access imaging from a diverse patient population featuring a wide range of sites, disease types, and imaging patterns.


Utilize structured data across 22 diseases matched with imaging studies and reports.

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Produce impactful research outcomes with our real-world endpoints, like real-world imaging response data based on RECIST.

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Maintain 30-day recency and longitudinal data collection

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Access imaging from a diverse patient population featuring a wide range of sites, disease types, and imaging patterns.

Use Cases

Utilizing Flatiron’s DICOM medical imaging data

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Derive trial-like endpoints

Compare outcomes between real-world and clinical trial cohorts using real-world imaging response based on RECIST.

Validate abstracted endpoints

Use imaging data to evaluate and characterize abstracted response variables from an EHR.

Train or validate AI models

Predict survival, response, and adverse events by leveraging longitudinal patient imaging, treatment history, and health outcomes.


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Imaging-Linked EHR Data

Explore more integrated real-world evidence products

Flatiron’s customizable real-world data products integrate EHR-derived data with other data modalities.

Products and services include:

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