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Multimodal Data

Generate deeper insights for real-world analyses with multimodal data

Flatiron’s multimodal data offerings empower researchers to unlock deeper insights in patient outcomes, genomics, cost of care or to generate larger patient cohort sizes. Multimodal data enables studies in rare oncology diseases and powers subgroup analyses.

Realizing the full potential of real-world evidence in oncology

Flatiron’s network includes direct access to over 4 million patient records in four of the largest oncology markets in the world.

Flatiron clinical data provides coverage of the complete patient journey including detailed treatment information and scientifically validated real-world outcomes. It's the foundation of our multimodal data.


Flatiron Health and Caris Life Sciences

A new era of precision medicine-focused real-world data

Flatiron Health and Caris Life Sciences have partnered to develop the Clinical-Molecular Database (CMBD), the largest and most robust multimodal dataset of its kind with comprehensive whole-exome sequencing, whole-transcriptome sequencing and digital pathology data linked with Flatiron clinical data on over 56k+ linked patients.


Flatiron Health and Foundation Medicine

Connect genomics profiling data with clinical outcomes

Flatiron and Foundation Medicine’s real-world Clinico-Genomic Database (CGDB) integrates de-identified clinical data from electronic health records with comprehensive genomic profiling data providing clinically meaningful data on 300+ genes sourced from 100k+ patient records.

Unlock greater depth and breadth for real-world analyses with tokenization

Flatiron offers tokenization for linking and pooling Flatiron data with existing datasets in your organization.


Linking with third-party claims data

Unlock deeper insights in patient outcomes, cost of care, and more by linking insurance claims data with Flatiron’s high-quality EHR real-world data.


Pooling with third-party EHR-derived data

Combine Flatiron real-world data with other EHR-derived data, without the risk of duplicate patients to enable studies in rare oncology diseases and power subgroup analyses.

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