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Metastatic patterns and outcomes by HER2 and hormone receptor status in patients with metastatic breast cancer

May 25, 2023


At ASCO 2022, patients with HER2-low status in metastatic breast cancer were shown to benefit from trastuzumab deruxutan. However, whether HER2-low status is biologically distinct from HER2-negative disease remains uncertain. In this study, we aimed to understand the prognostic implications of HER2-low status by examining the distribution of metastases as well as real-world overall survival according to HER2 and hormone receptor status. 

Why this matters

This study underscores the value of using machine learning models to extract HER2-low status at scale for patients with metastatic breast cancer. By integrating ML-extracted HER2-low status with clinically deep abstracted data on metastatic sites and overall survival already available in the Flatiron Health database, we can derive valuable insights into the metastatic patterns and survival outcomes for patients with HER2-low disease, understand how it differs from HER2 negative and positive disease, and answer important research questions as standard of care evolves. 

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