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Trusted Partner Network

Expand your customer reach and drive greater value for community oncology

As a provider of end-to-end solutions for community oncology, we know that community oncologists need more than an electronic health record system to run their practices. Flatiron's Trusted Partner Network is a curated selection of technology and service providers with proven positive impact. Our aim is simple: to help our customers access the solutions they need to thrive, and to help our Trusted Partners expand the reach of their impact.

For customers

Choose from a network of trusted partners with proven impact at practices like yours

Why work with a Flatiron Trusted Partner? As a prerequisite to this program, our partners have demonstrated that they can help solve some of the most pressing challenges that community oncology practices face.

Reach out to your Flatiron representative or if you're interested in learning more about our partners.


Canopy Care

ePROs, care management

A Continuous Care Platform to help care teams remotely manage patient care, optimize triage processes, and generate new reimbursement streams through programs like PCM and CCM.


Smirta Innovations

Resource optimization, scheduling efficiency, nurse load balancing, operational intelligence

A smart schedule optimization tool to help practices maximize utilization of their clinical resources, including optimizing patient visit schedules, assigning nursing staff, and monitoring clinical operations.

Please note that Flatiron Trusted Partners are independent third-party vendors. A Flatiron customer’s decision to select, and sign a contract with any of these independent vendors is the customer’s sole responsibility. Flatiron does not make and expressly disclaims any warranty, guarantee, or promise, whether expressed or implied, including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or the workmanship of the participating independent vendor selected and hired by Flatiron customers.

For vendors

Become a Flatiron Trusted Partner

Expand your customer reach

Supporting cancer care in the community setting is a cornerstone to our business. Flatiron works with over 280 cancer centers and close to 3,000 clinicians across community oncology.

Deliver value to community oncology clinics

Help solve their biggest challenges and enable their success by optimizing oncology workflows, improving patient outcomes and driving practice growth.