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Prospective Evidence Generation

At Flatiron Health, we are leveraging our proprietary, proven clinical research technology combined with complementary, fit-for-purpose services to run prospective, pragmatically designed clinical studies. By tapping into our established, tech-enabled site network, we help biopharma companies effectively generate prospective evidence for observational or low-interventional studies, such as post-marketing studies or translational discovery studies.


We partner with you to design and execute prospective clinical studies embedded into the point of care

We expand research options for sponsors while simplifying execution and reducing burden for sites. 

When you partner with us to create observational, low-interventional pragmatically designed studies in real-world populations, we provide a streamlined set of study start-up and execution activities. We’ll help you lower the activation energy to generate high-quality prospective evidence across our established, tech-enabled site network.

Our unified suite of clinical research technology is deployed for each study and improved over time. 

Streamlined services and clinical research technology for more efficient studies

Study design and site identification

We use real-world data to optimize protocol design and enhance eligibility by testing inclusion and exclusion criteria to ensure investigators have appropriate patients and that sites can meet study requirements.

Patient identification and screening

We learn site’s screening practices and deploy our deep patient-matching technology and clinical expertise to identify potentially eligible patients.

Reach a broader, more diverse patient population

Improve diversity and achieve inclusion in research by expanding your patient pool and site footprint to community practices.

Centralized contracting and site startup

A Flatiron point of contact sets up the study applying our unified documentation and contracting approach enabling a quick activation.

Data acquisition

Our data acquisition technology minimizes site effort outside the EHR and aggregates study data for review in the EDC system—which means there’s little to no EDC data entry required, saving time for site staff.

Data management and monitoring

Our approach to data management through the use of our established technology means more efficiency in clinical studies. Flatiron monitors and manages your data centrally—and almost entirely remotely.


case study

Prospective Clinico-Genomic Study

Learn how Flatiron, Foundation Medicine, and Genentech developed a novel platform for execution of a pragmatically designed study.

Explore our clinical research product suite

Our clinical research product portfolio reduces burden through technology-supported trials and operational efficiencies, lowers costs and accelerates drug delivery to a diverse patient population, and supports teams from trial design up to FDA submission.

Products and services include:

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