Give yourself peace of mind

Feel more comfortable providing or dictating care while you’re away from your desk. View key information in a patient’s chart, including demographics, next appointment date, phone number, labs, documents, treatments, medications, vitals and allergies.

I was in my car and I had a patient’s sibling on the speaker. I used OncoAir™ to guide them through a really difficult situation where knowing the exact pain medication doses was extremely important and allowed the patient to avoid going to the ER.

Edward Arrowsmith, MD
Tennessee Oncology

Fast, accurate, and user-friendly

Quickly find the information you need to get up to speed on a patient. Search for patients by medical record number, first name, last name, date of birth, or appointment date.

I was walking into the store when I got a voicemail from a local surgeon asking about a patient of mine. I hadn’t seen the patient in two years. I opened the app, quickly found the information and called the surgeon back. This all took about 45 seconds.

Fred Kudrik, MD
South Carolina Oncology Associates

What clinicians are saying


agree OncoAir™ provides the information they want quickly


say it’s easy to use

11 seconds

is all it took to find the information needed

source: user survey

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