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Revenue Cycle by Flatiron

We provide the people, tools, and knowledge you need to enhance the long-term financial health of your practice.

Optimizing oncology and urology revenue cycle management

In an increasingly complex reimbursement landscape and challenging labor market, it’s getting harder for community oncology and urology practices to optimize operations while still focusing on delivering high quality patient care. Through staffing solutions, dedicated expert support, and smart technology, Revenue Cycle by Flatiron helps practices drive revenue expansion, achieve long-term strategic goals, and offer the care their patients deserve. 

Our seasoned, data-driven revenue cycle experts will partner with you to improve workflows and processes so that you can focus on what really matters: providing excellent patient care. 


Innovative healthcare RCM solutions

Front-end services

With flexible staffing solutions and dedicated support from experienced engagement managers, we can help your practice with front-end RCM tasks including:

  • Insurance and benefit verification
  • Authorization requirement verification, submission, and management
Smart technology
We provide integrated, cloud-based revenue cycle management tools in order to drive optimal experiences for staff and patients and enable enhanced analytics. 
Proactive support
Flatiron proactively monitors your RCM operations to identify and solve issues that could affect patient care delivery and financial outcomes if left unchecked. We even offer proactive support for value-based models that base reimbursement on variables like patient satisfaction and outcomes.
Strategic partnership
Beyond the day-to-day, Revenue Cycle by Flatiron includes long-term strategic planning from subject matter experts in cancer care and the business of oncology to help you grow your practice and expand into new revenue streams. 
Back-end services

Leveraging advanced workflows and proprietary technology solutions, we can help your practices with back-end RCM tasks including:

  • Charge ingestion and reconciliation
  • Claim edit creation and management
  • Working claims edits
  • Clearinghouse and payer rejection
  • Accounts receivable
  • Denial management and appeal submission
  • Payment posting
  • Payer and patient credit balance review and validation
  • Underpayment tracking

By the numbers

On average, practices that use Revenue Cycle by Flatiron see a 12% increase in YoY revenue
Our partners reduced bill lag by 70% on average with help from our RCM experts
Our partners reduced accounts receivable days by 43% on average

Since the launch of our partnership with Revenue Cycle by Flatiron, we have been able to achieve an exceptional level of oversight, accountability, and efficiency that has allowed me and my team to direct our focus on the complexity of practice operations and patient care.

Anne Slam ECHO Practice Admin

How Revenue Cycle by Flatiron powers your practice

RCM-Icon-01 (1)
Let Flatiron manage increasingly complex RCM work so your staff can focus on patient care. 
Accelerate cash flow and increase revenue by optimizing operations and expanding your practice.
Get expert help capitalizing on opportunities for cost reduction and new revenue streams.
Leverage subject matter experts in oncology and RCM to make smarter decisions for your practice. 
Worry less about sourcing, onboarding, and retaining qualified RCM staff.
Improve the patient experience by optimizing financial workflows and reducing delays. 
Gain a deeper understanding of your business through enhanced reporting and analytics.

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