West Cancer Center & Research Institute Implements Flatiron RCM to Optimize Financial PerformanceSee press release

Dinesh Kapur, MD, ECHO and Marcie Runyan, Flatiron Health

We partner with your team to deliver long-term financial value to your practice.

We bring together a team of oncology billing and process experts to accelerate your practice’s financial performance and drive revenue expansion. The Flatiron Revenue Cycle Management team takes on administrative work for your practice, enabling you to focus on patient outcomes. Our strategic advisory services set us apart. As a part of our service, we work with you to achieve your strategic goals by identifying and executing initiatives to support new revenue streams and reduce your costs.

Implementing remote care in response to COVID-19: NYCBS and Flatiron Revenue Cycle Management
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Driving financial performance: ECHO and Flatiron Revenue Cycle Management
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How to master revenue cycle management in oncology
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Partner with us to grow your urology practice.

The expansion and health of your practice means a better experience for what matters most — your patients.

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We are more than a billing service.

To empower your team and drive performance, the Flatiron Revenue Cycle Management solution provides:

— Core billing processes

— Advanced practice analytics

— Change management support

— Clinical & business workflow optimization

— Revenue expansion services

By partnering with Flatiron Revenue Cycle Management, on average our practices see:

  • 12 percent increase in year over year revenue

  • 43 percent accounts receivable days reduction

  • Five percent of accounts receivable aged 120+ days

  • 70 percent reduction in bill lag

The value of Flatiron Revenue Cycle Management

Accelerate cash & increase revenue

Our team applies their deep oncology billing and process expertise to drive financial results for your practice. We proactively monitor your metrics to ensure performance and drive optimal financial returns.

Optimize operations

Streamline your end-to-end clinical and business processes to optimize your operations. We partner with you to implement our technology and best practice playbook to ensure your clinical and financial workflows are aligned.

Drive revenue expansion

We not only manage core billing operations — we act as an ongoing strategy partner for your organization to unlock additional revenue, reduce costs and optimize your cash flow. We help you enable your strategic vision through close partnership on initiatives that will help your practice thrive.

Save time with integrated, cloud-based technology

We deliver RCM services within OncoEMR®️. Our unique vantage point of clinical workflows coupled with revenue cycle analytics enable holistic process improvements that allow each member of your team to save time and focus on adding value.

Collaborate as partners

The complexity of oncology reimbursement requires more than just software or a billing service to manage your revenue cycle. Our oncology revenue cycle experts work with your staff to solve problems and deliver results.

Anne Slam, Eastern Connecticut Hematology & Oncology Associates

Three ways to improve your practice’s financial performance

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