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Value and Market Access

Unlock critical evidence to accelerate access to cancer treatments worldwide

Flatiron supports life science partners in planning and executing real-world evidence (RWE) health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) studies, particularly in support of Health Technology Assessments (HTA).

The global leader in oncology real-world evidence

30+ HTA submissions

Flatiron data is acknowledged as a globally renowned, high-quality, and comprehensive source of oncology data. It has been submitted to HTA bodies in Europe on more than 30 occasions, including to assess comparative effectiveness.

US and international data

Flatiron is transforming global cancer care and research with growing networks in 4 of the world’s largest oncology markets. We are building global, high-quality datasets in Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom that expand on our US data model to help answer important questions for patients across the globe.

High-impact research collaborations

Flatiron is leveraging ongoing collaborations with life science partners and HTA bodies including NICE to explore how Flatiron can address evidence gaps when evaluating new oncology medicines and inform HTA decision making.

hear from our customers

“A comprehensive data package, including Flatiron data, led to the approval of the first all-comer drug for cancer immunotherapy.”

Dominik Heinzmann, PhD

Former Global Head RWD Oncology & Hematology at Roche

Source: on the approval of atezolizumab by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the UK during ResearchX

Advancing market access and HTA use cases with key partners

Get Real Institute
RWE Alliance
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A flexible approach to evidence generation for value and market access decisions

Powered by Flatiron Horizon, our industry-leading engine that integrates real-world data, technology, proprietary curation methods, and in-house expertise, Flatiron is widely recognized as a trusted and leading partner for generating RWE for value and market access decisions.


The consortium to advance HTA decision-making through RWE

In the rapidly evolving landscape of oncology, RWE is gaining importance, driven by guidance from HTA bodies and regulators. However, the lack of clarity on what constitutes good evidence leads to inconsistencies in valuing studies across and even within HTA bodies.

Flatiron is establishing a consortium, FLATIRON FORUM (Fostering Oncology RWE Uses and Methods), to collaborate with leading global life science companies. The consortium’s aim is to enable better decision-making through the exemplar use of RWE and research methods, to accelerate patient access to oncology therapies.

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