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Optimizing staff & workflows: Keystone Urology Specialists and Flatiron Revenue Cycle Management

March 17, 2022

Learn how Keystone Urology Specialists optimized their workflows by partnering with Flatiron RCM.


KPI improvements within the first 30 days:

80% reduction in ‘no auth’ denials
>95% of received payments posted within 48 hours
>99% of ERAs posted within 24 hours
35% reduction in A/R aged >120 days


The challenge: Identifying opportunities for optimization

Keystone Urology Specialists is a physician-run practice that has been providing urological care to patients for over 55 years. When CEO Michelle Burris joined Keystone 11 months ago, with an extensive financial background in the healthcare industry, she noticed challenges in Keystone’s billing department.

They were experiencing significant staffing turnover, and challenges building a management team to keep their practice running on the administrative side. Michelle noticed that her staff didn’t have the level of support, training or RCM experience needed to get valuable financial results on their own. This presented an opportunity for an outside partner to come in and provide RCM expertise to the team.

Keystone was referred to Flatiron for its RCM services through our UROGPO partnership, and within two days of reaching out to Flatiron RCM, a team was on-site at the Keystone practice and turned a custom RCM workflow assessment around within a week.

Michelle Burris, CEO at Keystone Urology Specialists

We needed someone to come in and help us build on the revenue side to get it where it needed to be. There was nobody else on our team who had that kind of expertise. And our cash flow was good, but it wasn’t as good as I knew it could be.

Michelle Burris
CEO, Keystone Urology Specialists


The solution: RCM partnership and training

After partnering with Keystone, Flatiron worked with both Keystone and their technology vendor (MEDENT) to understand their systems infrastructure, and relay these teachings to the support and staff at Keystone. The Flatiron team worked with the Keystone staff to understand the system and find ways to use their technology platform to optimize RCM workflows and drive additional revenue.

The Flatiron team provided a multi-step RCM implementation setup in partnership with Keystone, with opportunities to train staff members at a consistent and measured pace. This setup streamlined the payment posting process, to ensure all payments are posted immediately upon receipt. It also allowed for the consistent, strategic, prioritized approach to follow up on every outstanding accounts receivables at a minimum of every 30 days. Lastly, this setup reviewed each and every patient account to understand history, path to resolution, and taking action to resolve.

keystone-urology-case-study-the-solutionSean Feeley, Deployment Associate at Flatiron Health
Sharon Wohlman, Billing Manager at Keystone Urology Specialist

Flatiron did a phenomenal job of making sure that we were getting not just training, but also optimization of MEDENT. Both how we were using it, but also how we can use it better. It’s one thing to train someone on the system, it’s another thing to optimize it.

Michelle Burris
CEO, Keystone Urology Specialists

About Keystone
Keystone Urology Specialists is based in Pennsylvania and is a physician owned practice with a strong and unique focus on research as well as dispensing.