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Clinical Research

Empowering and enabling smarter research

  • Deep site integrations

    Clinical trial technology deployed across a wide range of research sites: 75+ community clinics and 20+ Academic Medical Centers.

  • Scientific & thought leadership

    Close thought partnership and support through in-house quantitative scientists, clinician investigators and regulatory experts.

  • Embedded research workflows

    Strong expertise in integrating technology solutions seamlessly into sites’ clinical research workflows.

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  • Data quality & expertise

    High data quality standards as well as the ability to combine prospective and retrospective data in a centralized database.

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  • Interoperable technology

    Software solutions built on FHIR standards to enable data sharing across the leading EHR and EDC systems.

The History of Flatiron Clinical Research

Flatiron has methodically created a suite of products and services that help sponsors, CROs and clinical trial sites advance clinical research timelines, redesign processes and break down silos between the EHR and clinical trial systems. Read this infographic to learn more about how our products and services have evolved over the years.

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EP 03 | Bridging the divide: Opportunities to integrate clinical research into everyday care

In this episode, Flatiron leaders and key clinical research partners share our vision for the future of oncology clinical research and showcase case studies of early successes, particularly around the use of technology to streamline study data capture (EHR to EDC).

Case Study

Beat AML®

In 2016, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) established the Beat AML® trial with the aim of advancing the treatment paradigm for AML through collaboration across over 20+ sites, sponsors, and technology vendors.

In order to effectively run the coordination needed for this large master protocol, LLS sought a technology partner with capabilities to (1) enable remote access to source data, (2) facilitate data entry with EHR-to-EDC technology, and (3) provide an EDC system that can be seamlessly updated. LLS partnered with Flatiron (formerly Protocol First) to provide multiple eClinical solutions to meet the high demands and standards for Beat AML® with great success.

Read more about how innovative clinical trial technology helped enable the Beat AML® trial.

Study Results:

11 individual studies

60+ amendments

300,000+ pages of source uploaded

80% of monitoring time done remotely

12 sites using EHR-to-EDC technology

Source Upload, Flatiron Clinical Pipe™
and Flatiron Vessel™


clinical trials




major Academic centers

Case Study

Prospective Clinico-Genomic Study

Flatiron Health, Foundation Medicine and Genentech partnered to develop a novel, low-interventional prospective study for patients living with advanced lung cancer 一 PCG. This study piloted the use of a technology-enabled prospective data collection platform and aimed to alleviate clinical trial operational challenges.

Read the full case study to learn more about Flatiron’s approach to Prospective Real-World Studies.

Study Results:

950 enrollments in 18 months

0 EDC fields needed; study data captured in the EHR

100% of surveyed sites said that they would run a similar study again

100% of participating sites liked answering queries directly in OncoTrials®

There’s a lot of human error components that can come with that when you’re moving a lot of data points, and you’re having to answer a lot of queries which also take time. For us, this is the first technology solution we’ve been presented with that really takes everything off the site.


Kailee Hawkins, Clinical Research Supervisor, Alabama Oncology
on the value of conducting prospective real-world studies that leveraged Flatiron’s clinical research workflows

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