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Flatiron Vessel™

For large, complex, or fast-moving trials, Flatiron Vessel™ is an electronic data capture (EDC) system that provides speed, interoperability, and reliability to get you to analysis-ready data faster.


A reliable system with swift setup

With Flatiron Vessel™, teams can start up a study in a matter of days, confidently meet all study regulatory requirements, save crucial time on data cleaning, and start conducting analyses sooner.

The system’s simple, integrated data entry process allows researchers to implement protocol changes without disruption to prior or future data entry, enabling teams to focus on other important tasks.

Flatiron Vessel™ is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a best-in-class secure cloud service provider that guarantees a high level of uptime and performance—reducing costly, frustrating disruption for sites.


Ensure data is high-quality and delivery-ready

Ensure data is high-quality and delivery-ready

Open APIs enable interoperability with many other key clinical trial systems, giving you more control over your data and enabling a comprehensive range of operations, including creating sites and subjects, adding and editing data, creating and closing queries, and extracting Study Data Tabulation Mode (SDTM).

Migration-free amendments

Flatiron Vessel™ does not require data migrations when amendments are made—historic data is untouched, so you can be completely confident in all your updates.

Easy, secure access

A secure one-time passcode system circumvents the need for passwords. That’s one less hassle for your site users, data monitors, and data managers.

Monitor with ease

Our source upload feature enables remote monitoring, making it easier to monitor data quality throughout the study, at interim data cutoffs, and close to database lock.

Support when you need it

Our transparent status page for key system operations provides a self-service resource for checking problems and troubleshooting issues quickly.

Strict security and compliance

Flatiron Vessel™ meets requirements for SOC 2 and aligns with 21 CFR Part 11 and GDPR regulations, giving you confidence to meet all of your study regulatory requirements.

By the numbers

5–10 days

Set up a new study in as little as 5–10 days

0 wait time

Validate and deploy mid-study amendments without downtime

1,000,000+ pages

Our source upload feature has processed 1,000,000+ pages

“Flatiron Vessel exports data so much closer to ready-to-analysis, it’s basically SDTM-ready. And that for us is a huge difference… we need to be able to have that data just ready to go.”

Dannelle M. Palmer, MBA, PMP

Chief Operating Officer OncoBay Clinical


Featured video

Starting a study quickly

Hear how Flatiron Vessel™ source data ingestion capabilities helped George Clinical prepare a new protocol in just one week.


Flatiron Vessel™ is not your traditional EDC

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Set up a new study in 5–10 days and deploy mid-study amendments with no downtime to save critical time and money.

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Don’t wait for your CRF data or SDTM aggregates—start analyzing data right away with on-demand access to subject-specific data.

Frame (2)

Scale your volume of data and the volume of studies, even when data scales beyond millions of rows or tens of thousands of patients.

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Eliminate the need for unnecessary data transformations, such as converting data between longitudinal and cross-sectional views when moving across systems.

Frame (3)

Avoid unexpected effects from ambiguous custom-coded systems with well-structured and modular JSON configuration that maps transparently to the user experience on the front end.

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Our clinical research product portfolio reduces burden through technology-supported trials and operational efficiencies, lowers costs and accelerates drug delivery to a diverse patient population, and supports teams from trial design up to FDA submission.

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