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Flatiron Vessel™

Diagram showing that PDF documents and images, third-party data such as from EHRs & EMRs and direct data entry flow into Flatiron Vessel™

Greater efficiency and ease with Flatiron Vessel™

  • Built for compliance

    Flatiron Vessel™ was built to meet and exceed the highest regulatory standards. Our platform can export study data tabulation models (SDTM), as required by the FDA, enabling near real-time analysis and submission.

  • Configurable & sustainable approach

    Our configuration approach and pre-built workflows can handle the most complex trial protocols with unmatched speed and efficiency, without the need for custom code. Once running, Flatiron Vessel™ handles protocol changes within hours — without the need for data migrations and downtime. Never miss a key milestone again.

  • Flexible source data ingestion

    Source data exists in many locations and can be slow to gather in traditional EDC systems. Flatiron Vessel™ captures source data through API integrations, EHRs (via Clinical Pipe™) and/or directly entered as eSource or transcription — all in a single system. Collecting data in the format it already exists makes collection quicker and analysis easier.

  • Earlier safety signal detection

    A more efficient data verification and cleaning process accelerates the detection of key safety signals.

By the numbers

Legacy EDCs Flatiron Vessel™
STUDY BUILD 3 months 5 days
AMENDMENT VALIDATION 1-2 weeks 1-2 days
DATA CLEANING Non-reusable process Reusable process
DATA REVIEW & REPORTING Requires custom code Ready-built workflows

Protocol uploaded directly into Flatiron Vessel™

Source Upload functionality enables side-by-side data entry

[Flatiron Vessel™] exports data so much closer to ready-to-analysis, it’s basically SDTM ready. And that for us is a huge difference…we need to be able to have that data just ready to go.

Dannelle M. Palmer, MBA, PMP
Chief Operating Officer, OncoBay Clinical

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