Flatiron Assist™

Elevate clinical care

Arm physicians with innovative insights and data at the point of care

  • 94% overall NCCN concordance
  • 75+ updates of NCCN guidelines in 2023
  • 5x custom practice preferred regimens are ordered 5x more than non-practice preferred regimens

Power instinctive workflows

Streamline workflows across your organization with an integrated, intuitive decision support tool

  • 80% provider adoption after one year – up from 30%
  • 41 seconds average provider session time
  • 460 providers using Flatiron Assist submitting over 37,000 orders to date

Harness clinical data

Aggregate clinical data to generate actionable insights and support revenue generating workflows

  • 2 day improvement in time to prior authorization
  • 10% reduction in total denial rate
  • 58% reduction in unique regimens ordered across our clinics

Clinical decision support designed by clinicians

Surface custom pathways at the point of care alongside NCCN Guidelines® to meet provider, practice or payer preferences.

Smart tooling and impactful insights reduce your administrative burden

Enable expedited prior authorization approval by capturing concordance and other payer-required data elements in an easy-to-use structured format.

With Flatiron Assist surfacing and prioritizing appropriate regimens for physicians based on key clinical and prognostic factors, we are driving value with every treatment decision.

Olivia Barrett
Healthcare Business Analyst at Hematology Oncology Associates of Central New York

Flatiron Assist™: driving value with every treatment decision

Learn how Hematology Oncology Associates of Central New York reduced administrative burden and observed treatment patterns by implementing Flatiron Assist™, the oncology-specific, clinical decision support tool.

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Product highlights

  • Trusted clinical content
    Built according to NCCN Guidelines®, Flatiron Assist™ ties to Flatiron’s NCCN® Regimens and supports NCCN® Categories of Preference out of the box for all users.
  • Seamless workflow
    Clinicians spend minimal time finding and ordering the right regimen in the seamless EHR-embedded workflow, ultimately reducing the time patients have to wait between diagnosis and treatment.
  • Customizable to practice and payer preferences
    Add custom pathways surfaced at the point of care alongside the NCCN Guidelines® to meet provider, practice or payer preferences.
  • Streamline prior authorization
    Reduce documentation burden on administrative staff by capturing data needed for prior authorization in an easy-to-use structured format.
  • Stay on top of evolving treatments
    Continuous updates to NCCN content to ensure latest evidence-based guidelines are reflected within Flatiron Assist™, and timely additions of new biomarkers to help clinicians identify the best precision cancer care treatments.
  • Enhanced data and reporting
    Measure concordance, pathways compliance, provider adoption and care pattern variations at the provider and location level through the Flatiron Assist™ reporting suite. Proactively utilize treatment pattern data to enable more efficient bulk ordering of drugs, participate in value-based care agreements, and improve financial performance.

The nice thing about Flatiron Assist is that you can get right where you want to go—and get there quickly—without having to dig through an algorithm.

Sylvia Richey, MD
Associate Medical Director, West Cancer Center

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