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Horizon Datascapes

Generate real-world evidence from over 4 million patient journeys with industry-leading real-world data

Horizon Datascapes are tailored real-world data solutions designed to address the specific needs of your oncology portfolio. Our flexible approach enables the creation of fit-for-purpose data that seamlessly address multiple use cases with ease.

Flexible real-world data configurations across four key dimensions to unlock critical insights

Horizon Datascapes are de-identified longitudinal datasets, originating from over 4M patient records and 1.5B data points. Horizon Datascapes are configured to fit the specific needs of a customer across four key dimensions:



Select from over 22 predefined disease-specific cohorts or narrow your focus with treatment, biomarker, and demographic-specific cohorts.



Customize patient journey depth with structured, abstracted, derived, and ML-extracted data elements, including scientifically validated outcomes variables such as real-world response and progression.



Receive one-time or recurring data deliverables with up to 30-day recency.



Access high-quality data in 4 of the largest oncology markets in the world (US, Japan, Germany, UK) to help answer important questions for patients across the globe.

Data types available for configuration

Configurable datasets give customers unprecedented flexibility to address the needs of their specific oncology portfolio. Horizon Datascapes can include a single dataset or a bundle of datasets that are configured specifically for each use case.


Panoramic data offers Flatiron’s largest available, non-sampled patient cohorts with real-world data across disease settings.

Enhanced Datamarts (EDMs) enable analysis of key aspects of the patient journey with clinically deep oncology real-world data.

Generate larger cohorts and deeper insights in patient outcomes, genomics, cost of care, and more.

Data curated with additional inclusion/exclusion criteria for more precise cohorts and additional variables to answer novel research questions.

Further customize your Horizon Datascape by choosing from a menu of additional variables, like outcome variables such as real-world response and progression, for a larger pool of patients.

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