Fighting cancer
with organized data.

We started Flatiron Health for one simple reason: to make a difference in the fight against cancer.


Our Story

The cancer landscape continues to rapidly evolve, yet the technology that supports this industry is still lacking. The industry needs a fresh approach to solve the many challenges that exist.

After witnessing several family members and friends battle cancer, Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg founded Flatiron Health in 2012. Headquartered in New York City, our company is building a disruptive software platform that connects cancer centers across the country to help change the face of cancer.


Flatiron Health signs strategic alliance with Varian Medical Systems to build the next generation of cloud-based oncology software.


Flatiron Health raises $130MM in Series B funding, led by Google Ventures, and acquires Altos Solutions, Inc.


The first version of OncoAnalyticsTM is deployed in a cancer center.


Google Ventures, First Round Capital and LabCorp lead an $8MM Series A funding round.


Flatiron Health is founded in NYC.

Our Mission

To serve cancer patients and our customers by dramatically improving treatment and accelerating research.

Meet the Team

  • Marta Bralic

    Marta BralicDirector, Business Development

    Marta Bralic
    Director, Business Development

    I try to travel to three foreign countries every year.

  • Brenton Fargnoli, MD

    Brenton Fargnoli, MDAssociate Medical Director, Strategic Initiatives

    Brenton Fargnoli, MD
    Associate Medical Director, Strategic Initiatives

  • Ross Feinstein

    Ross FeinsteinBusiness Development

    Ross Feinstein
    Business Development

  • Rachel Koblin

    Rachel KoblinOperations Manager, Business Development

    Rachel Koblin
    Operations Manager, Business Development

    If I wasn't working at Flatiron, I'd be pursing my dream job of creating Lab puppies that stay puppy-sized forever.

  • Robin Shah

    Robin ShahHead of Strategic Initiatives

    Robin Shah
    Head of Strategic Initiatives

    I was a high-school football coach for 3 years before coming to Flatiron.

  • Lucy Silver

    Lucy SilverBusiness Development

    Lucy Silver
    Business Development

    The most important advice I ever got was from the First Lady, who told me to, "Relax, and eat a cheeseburger."

  • Lisa Kim

    Lisa KimPayroll Specialist

    Lisa Kim
    Payroll Specialist

  • Lise Ogrodnick

    Lise OgrodnickSenior Accountant

    Lise Ogrodnick
    Senior Accountant

    I stop to pet every Pomeranian I see on the street.

  • Supreet Sethi

    Supreet SethiAccountant, Accounts Payable

    Supreet Sethi
    Accountant, Accounts Payable

    I have been to the smallest country in the world.

  • TJ Shah

    TJ ShahAccounting Manager

    TJ Shah
    Accounting Manager

  • Jessica Wong

    Jessica WongAccounting Manager, Revenues

    Jessica Wong
    Accounting Manager, Revenues

  • Mike Wong

    Mike WongCorporate Controller

    Mike Wong
    Corporate Controller

    My two sons hate accounting!

  • Rosie Carman

    Rosie CarmanExecutive Assistant & Office Manager

    Rosie Carman
    Executive Assistant & Office Manager

    I am best friends with Taylor Swift.

  • CJ Cislo

    CJ CisloSales Operations Associate

    CJ Cislo
    Sales Operations Associate

    I love Peeps! (the marshmallow candy)

  • Tara Harding

    Tara HardingVP, Sales Operations

    Tara Harding
    VP, Sales Operations

    I spent 18 months traveling around the world!

  • Daniel Lipsitz

    Daniel LipsitzSales Operations Manager

    Daniel Lipsitz
    Sales Operations Manager

    I played four varsity sports in high school!

  • Tina Marie McGrath

    Tina Marie McGrathCorporate Paralegal

    Tina Marie McGrath
    Corporate Paralegal

    I'm fluent in Spanish (even though I'm of Dominican and Irish descent).

  • Aaron Szekel

    Aaron SzekelDirector, Business Operations

    Aaron Szekel
    Director, Business Operations

    The first project I ever worked on was the sale of Elvis Presley's music library.

  •  Cash

    CashDirectory of Productivity

    Directory of Productivity

    I was born in Georgia with three other littermates. I started in SWE, which didn't last long given my tendency to press multiple keys at once with my paw strokes.

  •  Chloe

    ChloeHead of Food & Engagement

    Head of Food & Engagement

    I'm a Lab/Border Collie mix from SF, and the biggest 49ers fan in the office (besides my mom)!

  • Nat Turner

    Nat TurnerCo-Founder, CEO

    Nat Turner
    Co-Founder, CEO

    I once kept hundreds of reptiles in my bedroom and garage as part of a business I started that reproduced and sold snakes.

  • Zach Weinberg

    Zach WeinbergCo-Founder, President & COO

    Zach Weinberg
    Co-Founder, President & COO

    In elementary school I was a nationally ranked chess player. My best year was kindergarten. My chess career peaked at age 5.

  • Susan Dennis

    Susan DennisVP, Life Sciences

    Susan Dennis
    VP, Life Sciences

  • Dana Feuchtbaum

    Dana FeuchtbaumAccount Director, Life Sciences

    Dana Feuchtbaum
    Account Director, Life Sciences

  • Brad Frazier

    Brad FrazierVP, Life Sciences

    Brad Frazier
    VP, Life Sciences

  • David Light

    David LightAccount Director, Life Sciences

    David Light
    Account Director, Life Sciences

    Prior to joining Flatiron, I had a mohawk and was in a rock band.

  • Laura Mantell

    Laura MantellAccount Associate, Life Sciences

    Laura Mantell
    Account Associate, Life Sciences

  • Josh Neiman

    Josh NeimanPrincipal, Life Sciences

    Josh Neiman
    Principal, Life Sciences

    I always travel with my soccer cleats.

  • Mamta Patel

    Mamta PatelProject Leader, Point of Care

    Mamta Patel
    Project Leader, Point of Care

    I am the best birthday gift my mother has ever received (at least that's what I tell her).

  • Lesley Plotkin

    Lesley PlotkinDirector, Life Sciences

    Lesley Plotkin
    Director, Life Sciences

  • Swati Shah

    Swati ShahProject Leader, Point of Care

    Swati Shah
    Project Leader, Point of Care

  • Steve Swanson

    Steve SwansonDirector, Life Sciences

    Steve Swanson
    Director, Life Sciences

  • Shane Woods

    Shane WoodsPrincipal, Life Sciences

    Shane Woods
    Principal, Life Sciences

  • Ashley Binford

    Ashley BinfordMarketing & Communications Manager

    Ashley Binford
    Marketing & Communications Manager

    I love checking out new restaurants and have a restaurant review blog!

  • Adrienne Chen

    Adrienne ChenDirector, Marketing

    Adrienne Chen
    Director, Marketing

    My dream job (besides here at Flatiron!) is to run a doggy day care.

  • Maureen Larkin

    Maureen LarkinEvents Lead

    Maureen Larkin
    Events Lead

    I love cooking and am currently trying to master the art of the 5 mother sauces.

  • Dan Logan

    Dan LoganDirector, Product Marketing

    Dan Logan
    Director, Product Marketing

    I've made a citizen's arrest.

  • Jim Senese, MS, RPh.

    Jim Senese, MS, RPh.Director, Networking Engagement

    Jim Senese, MS, RPh.
    Director, Networking Engagement

  • Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD

    Amy Abernethy, MD, PhDChief Medical Officer & Senior Vice President, Oncology

    Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD
    Chief Medical Officer & Senior Vice President, Oncology

    I used to work at Walt Disney World!

  • Janet Donegan, ANP-C, AOCN

    Janet Donegan, ANP-C, AOCNOncoAnalytics Clinical Director

    Janet Donegan, ANP-C, AOCN
    OncoAnalytics Clinical Director

    I celebrated my 40th birthday in the house of a Beatle.

  • Bobby Green, MD

    Bobby Green, MDVice President, Clinical Strategy & Senior Medical Director

    Bobby Green, MD
    Vice President, Clinical Strategy & Senior Medical Director

    I'm a pilot who likes to fly little planes with one engine.

  • Monique Mayo, Pharm.D.

    Monique Mayo, Pharm.D.Manager, Oncology Clinical Content

    Monique Mayo, Pharm.D.
    Manager, Oncology Clinical Content

    I have a three legged cat named Hoppy.

  • Nate Nussbaum, MD

    Nate Nussbaum, MDAssociate Oncology Medical Director

    Nate Nussbaum, MD
    Associate Oncology Medical Director

    I love biking and once mountain biked over the Andes, from Argentina to Chile.

  • Laini Talcott

    Laini TalcottChief of Staff, Oncology

    Laini Talcott
    Chief of Staff, Oncology

  • Anne Trueg

    Anne TruegManager, Oncology Clinical Content

    Anne Trueg
    Manager, Oncology Clinical Content

  • Darren Bakay

    Darren BakayEngineering Recruiting Manager

    Darren Bakay
    Engineering Recruiting Manager

    Husband, Father, Recruiter, Mets fan

  • Fiorella Bariani

    Fiorella BarianiRecruiter

    Fiorella Bariani

    My name translates to "little flower" in Italian.

  • Lindsay Beamer

    Lindsay BeamerOperations Manager, People

    Lindsay Beamer
    Operations Manager, People

    I am a Wichita State basketball fan!

  • Danielle Deluty

    Danielle DelutyProject Manager, People Ops

    Danielle Deluty
    Project Manager, People Ops

    I play an upright bass that I call Chubs.

  • Luck Dookchitra

    Luck DookchitraSenior People Ops Lead

    Luck Dookchitra
    Senior People Ops Lead

    Besides English, I can speak Spanish, Mandarin, & Thai. Hoping to learn Italian, mainly to order delicious food!

  • Manya Ellenberg

    Manya EllenbergPeople Ops Lead

    Manya Ellenberg
    People Ops Lead

    I've watched "The Little Mermaid" 3,041 times.

  • Josh Feintuch

    Josh FeintuchRecruiter

    Josh Feintuch

    When I'm not recruiting engineers to disrupt cancer software, I'm often recruiting singers to perform the choral music I compose!

  • Hillary Kanarek

    Hillary KanarekDirector, Recruiting

    Hillary Kanarek
    Director, Recruiting

    I speak (somewhat) conversational Chinese and can be found boxing in my free time!

  • Asif Kumandan

    Asif KumandanCandidate Lead

    Asif Kumandan
    Candidate Lead

    I help my college roommate with his vintage clothing business.

  • Caroline Nightingale

    Caroline NightingaleCandidate Lead

    Caroline Nightingale
    Candidate Lead

    I ate three double-stuffed Oreos everyday until I was 14.

  • Tina Phounsavath

    Tina PhounsavathCandidate Lead

    Tina Phounsavath
    Candidate Lead

    My cat's name is Chairman Meow and met the Dalai Lama on his birthday!

  • Vineeta Agarwala, MD, PhD

    Vineeta Agarwala, MD, PhDProduct Manager

    Vineeta Agarwala, MD, PhD
    Product Manager

    I love museums with audio guides and genomes.

  • Carlos Aguilar

    Carlos AguilarDirector, Data Insights Engineering

    Carlos Aguilar
    Director, Data Insights Engineering

  • Nick Arvanitis

    Nick ArvanitisSecurity Engineer

    Nick Arvanitis
    Security Engineer

    I have an affinity for small bearded dogs with squishy faces. And squirrels. Of course squirrels.

  • Sam Bail

    Sam BailData Insights Engineer

    Sam Bail
    Data Insights Engineer

  • Jasmeet Bajwa

    Jasmeet BajwaDBA Manager

    Jasmeet Bajwa
    DBA Manager

  • Achin Batra

    Achin BatraSWE

    Achin Batra

  • Nick Bauer-Levey

    Nick Bauer-LeveySWE

    Nick Bauer-Levey

    I was once in a Got Milk ad with Ronald McDonald.

  • Justin Berman

    Justin BermanVP, Information Security

    Justin Berman
    VP, Information Security

    I was a chef, a fashion photographer and a developer before I entered security.

  • Ben Birnbaum, PhD

    Ben Birnbaum, PhDSWE

    Ben Birnbaum, PhD

    I love running and Oreo cookies.

  • Jennifer Blagg

    Jennifer BlaggEMR Interface Engineer

    Jennifer Blagg
    EMR Interface Engineer

    I really like to bake, but I rarely bake the same treat twice.

  • David Brandon

    David BrandonSWE

    David Brandon

    I have visited every state except Hawaii.

  • Coulton Bunney

    Coulton BunneyProduct Designer

    Coulton Bunney
    Product Designer

    I have an unhealthy love of salt and vinegar chips, but try to balance it out with an on again, off again commitment to fad exercises and running.

  • Geoff Calkins

    Geoff CalkinsDirector, Product Management

    Geoff Calkins
    Director, Product Management

    I keep eight bikes in my NYC apartment.

  • Allie Candido

    Allie CandidoSWE

    Allie Candido

    I once made a cameo as a human tumbleweed in a production of "Oklahoma."

  • Thomas Caron

    Thomas CaronSWE

    Thomas Caron

    I like azw3s better than prints.

  • Himanshu Chavda

    Himanshu ChavdaEMR Interface Engineer

    Himanshu Chavda
    EMR Interface Engineer

  • Hithika Chhaochharia

    Hithika ChhaochhariaDatabase Developer

    Hithika Chhaochharia
    Database Developer

    I trained in classical music and dance when I was in India.

  • Julian Cohen

    Julian CohenProduct Security Engineer

    Julian Cohen
    Product Security Engineer

  • Joe Delgado

    Joe DelgadoSWE

    Joe Delgado

    My dog has more internet friends than I do.

  • Andrew Dilling

    Andrew DillingDirector, Product Management

    Andrew Dilling
    Director, Product Management

  • Floyd Dukes

    Floyd DukesData Insights Engineer

    Floyd Dukes
    Data Insights Engineer

  • James Dura

    James DuraEngineering Manager

    James Dura
    Engineering Manager

  • Matt Eggertson

    Matt EggertsonData Insights Engineer

    Matt Eggertson
    Data Insights Engineer

  • Dan Eisenberg

    Dan EisenbergSWE

    Dan Eisenberg

    I can play the cello and the harmonica (but not at the same time...yet!).

  • Lauren Ellsworth

    Lauren EllsworthSWE

    Lauren Ellsworth

    I’m a California transplant, workout lover and data enthusiast.

  • Jeremy Feinstein

    Jeremy FeinsteinSWE

    Jeremy Feinstein

    I grew up nearby on Long Island and made a couple cool Android libraries in what little spare time I had at school.

  • Tim Fitzgerald

    Tim FitzgeraldSWE

    Tim Fitzgerald

    I had a long-haired dachshund that practiced Tai Chi. He lived to be 19.

  • Jeff Forde

    Jeff FordeProduction Platform Engineer

    Jeff Forde
    Production Platform Engineer

    Outside of work, I can be found putting out fires (literally) as a Volunteer Firefighter in my home town.

  • Max Fowler

    Max FowlerSWE

    Max Fowler

  • Renee Fromhold

    Renee FromholdSWE

    Renee Fromhold

  • Chi Fung

    Chi FungData Insights Lead

    Chi Fung
    Data Insights Lead

  • Abhishek Gadiraju

    Abhishek GadirajuSWE

    Abhishek Gadiraju

    I'm a freestyle rapper. Currently accepting suggestions for a rapper name.

  • Christopher Galie

    Christopher GalieSWE

    Christopher Galie

    I pretend to bowl competitively.

  • Darren Gruber

    Darren GruberPlatform Engineer

    Darren Gruber
    Platform Engineer

  • Eoghan Harrington

    Eoghan HarringtonData Insights Engineer

    Eoghan Harrington
    Data Insights Engineer

  • Mark Hayes

    Mark HayesDirector, Product Management

    Mark Hayes
    Director, Product Management

    I attended the first and only no-hitter in Mets franchise history.

  • Ben Hecht

    Ben HechtCorporate IT Operations Engineer

    Ben Hecht
    Corporate IT Operations Engineer

  • Sam Helman

    Sam HelmanSWE

    Sam Helman

    I've never seen any of the Terminator movies.

  • Patrick Hempton

    Patrick HemptonSWE

    Patrick Hempton

  • Tim Henke

    Tim HenkeSWE

    Tim Henke

    I've nearly completed my dive master certification.

  • Franz Hernandez

    Franz HernandezApplication Specialist

    Franz Hernandez
    Application Specialist

  • Michael Herrick

    Michael HerrickIT Engineer

    Michael Herrick
    IT Engineer

  • Mark Hullin

    Mark HullinDirector, Engineering

    Mark Hullin
    Director, Engineering

    When time permits, I'm an amateur archeologist.

  • Alex Ingram

    Alex IngramProduct Manager

    Alex Ingram
    Product Manager

  • Ivan Ivanov

    Ivan IvanovSWE

    Ivan Ivanov

    In an alternate universe, I am a musician.

  • Ann Jaskiw

    Ann JaskiwSWE

    Ann Jaskiw

    I love nothing more than the state of Ohio.

  • Alphan Kirayoglu

    Alphan KirayogluData Insights Engineer

    Alphan Kirayoglu
    Data Insights Engineer

    I have a twin brother, Alpkan!

  • Jeremy Kohansimeh

    Jeremy KohansimehEngineering Manager

    Jeremy Kohansimeh
    Engineering Manager

  • DJ Lee

    DJ LeeEngineering Manager

    DJ Lee
    Engineering Manager

    Not an actual DJ.

  • Shannon Lee

    Shannon LeeSWE

    Shannon Lee

    I once tried to break the Guinness World Record for the longest gum wrapper chain but ended up about 15 miles short.

  • Fred Lindberg, MD, PhD

    Fred Lindberg, MD, PhDDirector, Data Insights Engineering

    Fred Lindberg, MD, PhD
    Director, Data Insights Engineering

    I like to recondition old lenses and cameras.

  • Alex Lo

    Alex LoEngineering Manager

    Alex Lo
    Engineering Manager

  • Suzanne Marshall

    Suzanne MarshallQA Associate

    Suzanne Marshall
    QA Associate

  • Brian McNamara

    Brian McNamaraSWE

    Brian McNamara

    I've played basketball against Julius Erving (Dr J.).

  • Elijah Meerson

    Elijah MeersonSWE

    Elijah Meerson

  • Catherine Miller

    Catherine MillerEngineering Manager

    Catherine Miller
    Engineering Manager

    I have a Bacon number of 3.

  • Jou Mou

    Jou MouSWE

    Jou Mou

  • Chris Nilsson

    Chris NilssonApplication Specialist

    Chris Nilsson
    Application Specialist

    I live and work in beautiful Washington State.

  • Rohit Parulkar

    Rohit ParulkarData Insights Engineer

    Rohit Parulkar
    Data Insights Engineer

    Until recently, I did not know where pickles came from.

  • Sharang Phadke

    Sharang PhadkeSWE

    Sharang Phadke

    I like to ride my bike.

  • Steve Portugal

    Steve PortugalApplication Specialist

    Steve Portugal
    Application Specialist

  • Matt Predmore

    Matt PredmoreSWE

    Matt Predmore

    I live in Alabama and am often found attempting to play guitar and karaoke.

  • Tom Preston

    Tom PrestonSWE

    Tom Preston

    I love to run!

  • Steve Pursell

    Steve PursellSWE

    Steve Pursell

    I am a high-level (C4) square dancer.

  • Paul Richardson

    Paul RichardsonSWE

    Paul Richardson

  • Rob Rodkey

    Rob RodkeyData Insights Engineer

    Rob Rodkey
    Data Insights Engineer

    If the moon were made of cheese, I would eat it.

  • Bridget Rose

    Bridget RoseQA Associate

    Bridget Rose
    QA Associate

  • Maayan Roth

    Maayan RothEngineering Manager

    Maayan Roth
    Engineering Manager

    I was a member of the 2002 World Champion robot soccer team.

  • Stanley Saji, Pharm.D., RPh

    Stanley Saji, Pharm.D., RPhClinical Terminology Specialist

    Stanley Saji, Pharm.D., RPh
    Clinical Terminology Specialist

    I am a roller coaster fanatic and very recently went on the world's fastest coaster located at Ferrari World in Dubai.

  • Chris Sandulow

    Chris SandulowSecurity Engineer

    Chris Sandulow
    Security Engineer

  • Vlad Scherbich

    Vlad ScherbichSWE

    Vlad Scherbich

  • David Schulz

    David SchulzManager, Interfaces

    David Schulz
    Manager, Interfaces

  • Chhaya Shadra

    Chhaya ShadraSenior Medical Informaticist

    Chhaya Shadra
    Senior Medical Informaticist

    I think its unfair that sweet potato fries have to compete with french fries.

  • Gil Shklarski, PhD

    Gil Shklarski, PhDVP of Technology

    Gil Shklarski, PhD
    VP of Technology

  • Vikas Sood

    Vikas SoodDirector, Product Management

    Vikas Sood
    Director, Product Management

    I'm a Philadelphia Eagles season ticket holder and want a Super Bowl so, so much.

  • Ryan Steier

    Ryan SteierSWE

    Ryan Steier

    I'm scientifically proven to be the world's biggest Red Hot Chili Peppers fan.

  • Charlie Taveras

    Charlie TaverasSWE

    Charlie Taveras

    I think karaoke is a basic human right.

  • May Terry

    May TerryTeam Lead, Medical Informatics

    May Terry
    Team Lead, Medical Informatics

  • Melisa Tucker

    Melisa TuckerProduct Manager

    Melisa Tucker
    Product Manager

    Dustin Hoffman once called me bossy.

  • Scott Voigt

    Scott VoigtAssociate Product Manager

    Scott Voigt
    Associate Product Manager

  • Franklin Yang

    Franklin YangSWE

    Franklin Yang

    I have an entirely reasonable fear of long, empty, carpeted hallways.

  • Matt Zelina

    Matt ZelinaSWE

    Matt Zelina

  • Greg Andreola

    Greg AndreolaSenior Director, Sales - Clinics

    Greg Andreola
    Senior Director, Sales - Clinics

  • Jackie Applegate

    Jackie ApplegateOncoAnalytics Specialist

    Jackie Applegate
    OncoAnalytics Specialist

    I believe we will achieve world peace with a combination of puppies and yoga.

  • Jeff Beck

    Jeff BeckSenior Account Executive

    Jeff Beck
    Senior Account Executive

    I live in paradise!

  • Becca Birnbaum

    Becca BirnbaumOncoAnalytics Specialist

    Becca Birnbaum
    OncoAnalytics Specialist

    I'm fluent in sarcasm.

  • Thaddeus Bowie

    Thaddeus BowieImplementation Specialist, OncoEMR

    Thaddeus Bowie
    Implementation Specialist, OncoEMR

    I love my Alabama football. Roll Tide!!

  • Yevette Bragg

    Yevette BraggCustomer Support Specialist

    Yevette Bragg
    Customer Support Specialist

  • Elaine Campbell

    Elaine CampbellImplementation Specialist, OncoEMR

    Elaine Campbell
    Implementation Specialist, OncoEMR

  • Char Cislo, RN, BSN

    Char Cislo, RN, BSNSenior Director, Clinical Services

    Char Cislo, RN, BSN
    Senior Director, Clinical Services

    I also have a degree in Russian History, besides BSN.

  • Denise Collins

    Denise CollinsSenior Support Specialist

    Denise Collins
    Senior Support Specialist

  • Jefre Congelosi

    Jefre CongelosiSenior Training & Implementation Specialist

    Jefre Congelosi
    Senior Training & Implementation Specialist

    I played 1 year of semi-professional soccer.

  • Dave Eckels

    Dave EckelsEnterprise Sales Director

    Dave Eckels
    Enterprise Sales Director

    The sailboat that I race with has won three National Championships.

  • ToniAnn Genna, RN, BSN

    ToniAnn Genna, RN, BSNApplication Specialist

    ToniAnn Genna, RN, BSN
    Application Specialist

    My husband, 2 kids and myself all got Batman tattoos as a family.

  • Rich Gray, R.Ph.

    Rich Gray, R.Ph.VP, Strategic Partnerships

    Rich Gray, R.Ph.
    VP, Strategic Partnerships

    My favorite pastime is spending time with my grandkids.

  • Jimmy Harper

    Jimmy HarperAccount Executive

    Jimmy Harper
    Account Executive

  • Candi Hayes

    Candi HayesProduct Specialist, EMR

    Candi Hayes
    Product Specialist, EMR

    I played college softball at Georgia State University.

  • Debbie Huston

    Debbie HustonOncoBilling Implementation Specialist

    Debbie Huston
    OncoBilling Implementation Specialist

  • Tesh Khullar

    Tesh KhullarVice President, Provider Solutions

    Tesh Khullar
    Vice President, Provider Solutions

    I used to be Aladdin at Disneyland.

  • Amy Klimek

    Amy KlimekEMR Implementation Specialist

    Amy Klimek
    EMR Implementation Specialist

  • Lisa Lancaster

    Lisa LancasterSenior Support Specialist

    Lisa Lancaster
    Senior Support Specialist

  • Barb Lester

    Barb LesterOncoBilling Professional Services Manager

    Barb Lester
    OncoBilling Professional Services Manager

  • Cecilia Lum, MHSA

    Cecilia Lum, MHSADirector, Professional Services - OncoAnalytics

    Cecilia Lum, MHSA
    Director, Professional Services - OncoAnalytics

    You can find a photo of me in an issue of People Magazine.

  • Victoria Maley

    Victoria MaleyCustomer Support Specialist

    Victoria Maley
    Customer Support Specialist

  • Brianna Mauro

    Brianna MauroEnterprise Project Manager

    Brianna Mauro
    Enterprise Project Manager

    I once starred in an astronomy podcast series under the stage name "Venus".

  • Julia Morton

    Julia MortonDirector, Application Operations

    Julia Morton
    Director, Application Operations

    I'm a huge rugby fan, and I've seen the New Zealand team play on four continents.

  • Timika Navarrete

    Timika NavarreteDirector, Support - OncoEMR

    Timika Navarrete
    Director, Support - OncoEMR

  • Kim Pike

    Kim PikeAccount Executive

    Kim Pike
    Account Executive

  • Kim Polley

    Kim PolleyApplication Specialist

    Kim Polley
    Application Specialist

  • Joyce Reedman

    Joyce ReedmanApplication Specialist

    Joyce Reedman
    Application Specialist

  • Ben Reynolds

    Ben ReynoldsSenior Director, Sales - Enterprise Systems

    Ben Reynolds
    Senior Director, Sales - Enterprise Systems

    I'm determined to one day be on an episode of Chopped!

  • Sara Reynolds

    Sara ReynoldsAccount Executive

    Sara Reynolds
    Account Executive

  • Kit Robertson, RN, BSN, OCN

    Kit Robertson, RN, BSN, OCNProduct Specialist

    Kit Robertson, RN, BSN, OCN
    Product Specialist

  • Elima Salcedo

    Elima SalcedoSenior Support Specialist

    Elima Salcedo
    Senior Support Specialist

    Love cooking for family & friends!

  • Terry Santa, RN, MSN

    Terry Santa, RN, MSNManager, Implementation - OncoEMR

    Terry Santa, RN, MSN
    Manager, Implementation - OncoEMR

    I was an Army nurse for 14 years.

  • Tanja Sauer

    Tanja SauerClient Support Team Leader

    Tanja Sauer
    Client Support Team Leader

  • Sam Schmitz

    Sam SchmitzAccount Executive

    Sam Schmitz
    Account Executive

    I'm a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan with children named Maddux Anthony (after Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux) and Sullivan Wrigley (after historical Wrigley Field).

  • Stephanie Shields, PharmD

    Stephanie Shields, PharmDAccount Executive

    Stephanie Shields, PharmD
    Account Executive

    I have traveled to over 20 international countries, and enjoy scuba diving and dancing.

  • Frank Slater

    Frank SlaterSales Director

    Frank Slater
    Sales Director

    I ride a Harley Davidson Heritage Springer.

  • Jen Small, RN, BSN

    Jen Small, RN, BSNSenior Application Specialist

    Jen Small, RN, BSN
    Senior Application Specialist

    I enjoy changing furniture around my house regularly!

  • Kathy Sooto

    Kathy SootoOncoBilling Support Specialist

    Kathy Sooto
    OncoBilling Support Specialist

  • Jon Talomie

    Jon TalomieDirector, Professional Services - OncoEMR / OncoBilling

    Jon Talomie
    Director, Professional Services - OncoEMR / OncoBilling

    I am an avid DIY home renovator who is constantly working on projects around the house.

  • Cynthia Walters

    Cynthia WaltersCustomer Support Specialist

    Cynthia Walters
    Customer Support Specialist

  • Adam Younger

    Adam YoungerSales Director

    Adam Younger
    Sales Director

    I love anything outdoors, bbq, camping with family, golf and running marathons.

  • Bryan Bowser

    Bryan BowserOncology Data Analyst

    Bryan Bowser
    Oncology Data Analyst

    I am the youngest of six siblings.

  • Dominique Connolly

    Dominique ConnollyDirector, Clinical Data Abstraction

    Dominique Connolly
    Director, Clinical Data Abstraction

    I grew up in Oxford, England

  • Melissa Curtis

    Melissa CurtisDirector, Quantitative Sciences

    Melissa Curtis
    Director, Quantitative Sciences

  • Cynthia Gillespie, RN, BSN, OCN

    Cynthia Gillespie, RN, BSN, OCNOncology Abstract Team Lead

    Cynthia Gillespie, RN, BSN, OCN
    Oncology Abstract Team Lead

    Despite my ridiculously upbeat personality, I am a huge fan of Grumpy Cat!

  • Sandy Griffith, PhD

    Sandy Griffith, PhDBiostatistician

    Sandy Griffith, PhD

    I love R, cats, and their intersection, otherwise known as #rcatladies.

  • Caitlin Keenan

    Caitlin KeenanAssociate, Abstraction Operations

    Caitlin Keenan
    Associate, Abstraction Operations

    I love being on the water - I once canoed 210 miles from New Hampshire to the Long Island Sound!

  • Janet Murray

    Janet MurrayAbstraction Team Lead

    Janet Murray
    Abstraction Team Lead

    I went to college in Europe.

  • Lou Palladino, RN, MSN, OCN

    Lou Palladino, RN, MSN, OCNQuality Assurance Manager, Abstraction Team

    Lou Palladino, RN, MSN, OCN
    Quality Assurance Manager, Abstraction Team

  • Payal Patel

    Payal PatelOncology Data Analyst

    Payal Patel
    Oncology Data Analyst

    I used to be fearless and ski competitively but now post one septoplasty, I stick to the blues.

  • Priyanka Ramamurthy

    Priyanka RamamurthyManager, Project Leadership

    Priyanka Ramamurthy
    Manager, Project Leadership

    In my free time, I take tango classes

  • Cindy Revol

    Cindy RevolQuantitative Scientist

    Cindy Revol
    Quantitative Scientist

    I am originally from Texas and I love college football, especially the University of Texas Longhorns.

  • Kimberly Roberts, CTR

    Kimberly Roberts, CTRQA Manager

    Kimberly Roberts, CTR
    QA Manager

    Born and raised in Washington and love my Seahawks!

  • Charlotte Rocker

    Charlotte RockerManager, Project Leadership

    Charlotte Rocker
    Manager, Project Leadership

    I am a runner and a frequent cook, having taken up the former habit to enable the latter.

  • Rebecca Rohrer

    Rebecca RohrerOncology Data Analyst

    Rebecca Rohrer
    Oncology Data Analyst

    I love hiking, camping, and all things outdoors!

  • Jay Rughani

    Jay RughaniAssociate, Quantitative Sciences

    Jay Rughani
    Associate, Quantitative Sciences

    I once bled for Flatiron (literally...)

  • Rachael Sorg, MPH

    Rachael Sorg, MPHQuantitative Scientist

    Rachael Sorg, MPH
    Quantitative Scientist

    I love SoulCycle - it is the only exercise that I enjoy!

  • Paul You, MPH

    Paul You, MPHQuantitative Data Analyst

    Paul You, MPH
    Quantitative Data Analyst

    I've lived in 10 cities across four continents (so far).

Leadership and Advisors

  • Jeff Vacirca, MD, FACPNorth Shore Hematology/Oncology Associates

  • Robert Smith, Jr., MDSouth Carolina Oncology Associates PA

  • Kris GaleVP of Engineering, Yammer (Microsoft)

  • Stanley Marks, MD, MSDeputy Director of Clinical Services for UPMC CancerCenter/University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

  • Ephraim Hochberg, MDClinical Director of Inpatient Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Our Investors

  • Google Ventures
  • First Round Capital
  • LabCorp
  • Social+Capital Partnership
  • SV Angel
  • Box Group
  • IA Ventures
  • Great Oaks Venture Capital
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