Supporting R&D; decision-making for over 20 of the top global biopharma companies

  • Data sourced at the point of care

    Thousands of oncology clinicians rely on Flatiron HCTM every day. These partnerships form the foundation for consistent data.

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  • Regulatory experience across the U.S., Europe, and Asia

    Working with our biopharma partners, we have supported multiple briefing packages. Our data have also been incorporated in submissions to the FDA, EMA, and PMDA.

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  • Tumor-specific and tumor-agnostic datasets with real-world outcomes

    Our data models across more than 20 tumor types for clinical and clinico-genomic datasets include rigorously assessed real-world mortality, progression, and response outcome variables.

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  • Fit-for-purpose analytical tools

    With a toolkit and guidance tailored for Flatiron data, our data scientists and industry peers are working together to achieve efficient and transparent insight generation with reproducible analytical results.

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  • Specialized expertise along every stage of our data pipeline

    Our oncologists, quantitative scientists, regulatory affairs experts, HTA program teams, and more than 1,000 clinically trained abstractors work together to deliver top-quality data.

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  • Flatiron RWD featured in more than 350 peer-reviewed publications

    We advance clinical research with our research partners and publish the findings to share our progress and learnings.

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Advancing the use of RWE with our research collaborators

A biopharma company used Flatiron real-world data to identify prognostic biomarkers and their associated outcomes in NSCLC.

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Flatiron RWD has been used in projects across the drug development life cycle

Discovery & early development

Our RWD demonstrated that STK11 and KEAP1 mutations are negatively associated with real-world outcomes in both chemotherapy and PD-1/PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitors-treated NSCLC patients.

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Clinical development

Our RWD can help inform the design of randomized controlled trials, such as by informing the selection of inclusion/exclusion criteria.

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To inform regulatory decision making, RWD needs to be fit-for-purpose and tailored to specific regulatory and clinical contexts. Our RWD has provided supportive evidence to inform regulatory decision making.

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Our RWD was used to help assess the safety of a drug in breast cancer patients with a certain type of heart failure, leading to a favorable label update in Europe and the U.S.

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Market access

HTA bodies around the world assessed our RWD to characterize the natural history of a disease as part of reimbursement evaluations for novel therapies.

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Our products

More than 20 of the world’s top biopharma companies use Flatiron real-world data products to support their R&D pipelines and enhance their understanding of real-world cancer care.

Enhanced Datamart

Our foundational datasets, covering more than 20 tumor types, reflect cancer patients’ journeys from diagnosis to treatment and real-world outcomes.

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Clinico-Genomic Database

These growing datasets link Foundation Medicine’s genomic profiling data with Flatiron’s EHR-derived clinical and outcomes data for tumor-specific and tumor-agnostic analyses.

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Spotlight Project

Customized projects that include one-time data delivery and expert analytic, regulatory and HTA support tailored to answer a specific research question.

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Add-ons to our products:

Real-world outcome variables 

Flatiron’s real-world outcome variables, used to derive real-world endpoints, account for the inherent complexities of patient outcomes specific to each cancer type.

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