Leadership team

Gail Airasian

Vice President, Sales, Service and Transformation

Rahul Bafna

Vice President, Flatiron HC Product Management

Lidia Bernik

Vice President, Head of Unstructured Data Processing Operations

Alex Buder Shapiro

Vice President, Chief People Officer

Jason Cannavale

Vice President, Software Engineering

Josh DeFrain

Chief Information Security Officer

Alex Deyle

Vice President, Life Sciences

James Hamrick, MD, MPH

Vice President, Clinical Oncology

Jason Harinstein

Chief Financial Officer

Nathan Hubbard

Vice President, Head of Business Development and Flatiron International

Christine Hung

Vice President, Data Insights Engineering

Melissa Lanzaro, CPA

Vice President, Controller

Jacqueline Law

Vice President, Product Management

Jaime Lopez

Vice President, Brand & Product Design

Catherine Miller

Vice President, Software Engineering

Julia Morton

Vice President, Customer Success, Operations and Marketing

Irene Nunes

Vice President, Head of Regulatory Affairs

Maayan Roth, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Somnath Sarkar, PhD

Vice President, Head of Quantitative Sciences

Nirav Shah

Vice President, Flatiron HC Revenue Cycle Management

Carolyn Starrett

Chief Executive Officer

Nat Turner

Co-Founder, Chair of Flatiron’s Board of Directors

Mike Vasconcelles, MD

Chief Medical Officer
Research & Regulatory

Shane Woods, PhD

Vice President, Life Sciences

Medical Directors

Ivy Altomare, MD

Medical Director

Ariel Bourla, MD, PhD

Medical Director

Emily Castellanos, MD

Medical Director

Aaron Cohen, MD

Medical Director

Siyang Leng, MD

Medical Director

Neal Meropol, MD

Vice President, Head of Medical and Scientific Affairs

Rebecca Miksad, MD

Senior Medical Director

May Pini, MD

Medical Director

Trevor Royce, MD

Associate Medical Director

Erlene Seymour, MD

Medical Director

Tim Showalter, MD

Medical Director