Ann Jaskiw, Software Engineering

Take on a tougher challenge — together

Cancer is smart, but together, we can be smarter. That’s why, at Flatiron, we bring together software and medicine, science and engineering, design and functionality. Our engineers work in cross-functional teams to build products that make a real impact in the lives of patients.

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Here’s a snapshot of what we’re working on today:

Katie Chung, Product Management

Helping our providers focus on what’s most important: caring for their patients
  • Designing electronic health record (EHR) software with intelligent workflows and a seamless user experience
  • Building infrastructure to help hospitals understand the quality and patterns of patient care
  • Creating software and services to help local clinics operate sustainably, ensuring patients can continue to be treated closer to home

Accelerating patient access to new cancer therapies by demonstrating their safety and effectiveness in the real world
  • Developing technology to more efficiently and effectively curate large amounts of unstructured data
  • Translating real-world patient treatment data from the EHR into analyzable, de-identified datasets for scientific research
  • Discovering new ways to analyze the comprehensive patient journey by linking disparate clinical, claims, and genomic data sources
Jean Clermont & Jason Cannavale, Technical Operations

Learn quickly, grow continuously

On day one, you’ll join our three-week onboarding bootcamp to learn about our culture, workflows and tooling, and complete a few starter tickets for teams that interest you. You’ll then choose the team you want to join, settle in and immediately start contributing to our mission. After onboarding, there are endless opportunities to continue building your skills. This could mean taking Flatiron University courses in presentation or management skills, using your annual learning budget for conferences and online courses or learning on the job about complex healthcare topics like cancer biology, value-based care models, disease staging and more.

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Management that works for you

We believe that a manager’s job is to support, mentor and accelerate the work of their teams so we can deliver products that improve lives. With that in mind, we hire and cultivate seasoned, supportive leaders who elevate our engineering organization — this means driving results through clear goals, prioritizing, and explaining the “why.” Our engineering managers put their people first by showing empathy, kindness and candor, by advocating for their teams, and by coming to work prepared to inspire and motivate.

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