When it comes to how we hire, we believe in being as transparent as possible to give each candidate the opportunity to put their best foot forward. 

Here’s what you can expect. 

Flatiron employees collaborating in our communal kitchen
Members of Flatiron's recruiting team


The interview process varies from role to role, but will usually include an initial video conference or phone interview and an on-site interview. Our interviews are designed to focus on the core competencies each job requires to ensure that every candidate is evaluated in the same way and by the same criteria. 

Depending on the role, at some point in the process you may be asked to complete an assessment, like a take-home technical skills test or case study, or an in-person presentation or whiteboarding session. We find that these assessments are consistent ways to measure how well a candidate will perform in the job.

Flatiron employees discussing a project
Flatiron software engineers

If you’re scheduled for an on-site interview, you’ll have the opportunity to meet several members of our team. Before the interview, you’ll speak with one of our recruiters who will help you prepare and who can answer any questions you might have.

You’ll never hear a question like, “How many manhole covers are there in Manhattan?” We don’t believe in asking brain teasers like this. We want to get to know you—your skills, abilities and areas of expertise—so we focus our questions on situational (scenario-based) and behavioral (past experience) questions that are directly related to the competencies required for the role. 

The Offer

After the on-site interview, the hiring team will convene to make an informed decision. If you receive a job offer, it will include a competitive compensation package, robust learning and development opportunities, and broad and inclusive benefits. We’re continually evaluating the salaries for all of our roles based on market assessments and internal data to ensure parity across roles and levels. 

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